Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Singing n Dancing n Exercising

Hello again

I like music and songs and enjoy singing and humming along whenever I hear songs that are familiar. When young I always thought I could sing. But the shyness got me to nowhere. Only in the school choir heheh. And now I am too old for anything hmm.

My radio is seldom on now because nowadays some people have issues with  music thus listening to it is supposed not to be encouraged. So to appease them I would just sing in my heart and sometimes insert the earphones to my ears and have my own little concert.

I  joined friends for karaoke sessions a few times before. Oh my, how we belted out the numbers with all our hearts. Some perhaps wanted to give vent to their frustrations. Don't care how our old voices sound. Put the blame on the microphones ha haa. I like those moments when we ladies can forget home and housework for a while and have some fun together. Is that wrong?

Music and songs can do wonders. Try exercise without music. You will stop in a short while and don't feel like continuing.

Thats why I took up line dancing.

I started by joining the classes but found it difficult to follow may be I was a little dumb . Later I stop going to the class and learn on my own through the videos. Studied all the basics and the theory and soon I was able to read the step sheets and able to translate it into action. I don't say the whole thing was easy. After nearly half a year I was confident enough to invite friends to join me and we danced and exercised together for a few years.

Now we have separated due to everybody having their own commitments. As for me I am torn between the loves for the different hobbies. Instructing the line dance group three times a week took a lot of my time and I had to put a lot of efforts learning new steps and practising before I could present perfectly to the class. Leading and counting and correcting the moves seeped out a lot of energy. However I enjoyed those four years.

Of course I do not quit line dance completely. It is a very good form of exercise . Doing it alone is always good you can choose the type of music you like. Dance and sweat while singing along and enjoying yourself.

I like such music and songs, lite n easy . . .

We also get music from the birds . . .

That's it my entry for this time hope you have enjoyed reading.

Cheers . . .

Bye . . .

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