Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Gearing Up For Raya

Hi everyone

For the past weeks the weather was flip flopping rain and shine and I have contracted a cold and cough. Thank God it is now going off leaving me in a better condition to complete my thirty days of puasa.

Since it is just a week more to go I plan to gear up my activities for the festive baking and to prepare all the necessary ingredients before hand for the cooking that is to be done on the eve of raya. I do not want confusions and hassles at the last moments.

In the final few days of puasa usually things will be running in short supply even the common things like castor sugar and pineapple as every body wants to showcase their pineapple tart comes the raya time.

To avoid disappointments shop early.

Further more the two to three days before raya I have to look after my grandchildren because their schools and kindergarten and transit will be closed but their parents would still be working so to the grandma they will come. The bigger girls can help but I prefer to do work alone when I am hard pressed for time.

The house need to be tidied up, the crockery need to be checked and wiped or wash since it was there stored in the cabinet and not in use since the last hari raya. Everything should be in order as I do not want to be looking for things while preparing the makan table for the guests, twenty or thirty of them, when they come to recite the takbir on the eve. Me and my spouse want this takbir raya every year.

We find that this way having it in our own home the spirit of Aidil Fitri can really be felt.

As for the children I think all their needs for the big day should have been by now provided by their parents and as I said before they have developed their own taste for dressing so I shouldn't interfere in this matter.

Well I am old and  may be outdated I don't understand why these young people nowadays want to have their dress like the tents with  head dress like the nun's. Whereas I as an old women like to see children and teenagers in modern sporty comfortable clothings and smart sassy hairstyles and when the occasion requires they should go with the tradisional baju kurung and a simple selendang. 

Anyway our theme color is light pink this year.

Coming back to talking about baking. Well since my retirement I have up my activity in this. I have been practising and when the occasion arises I take the opportunity to bake for friends and family.

At one time I was really addicted to baking but when seams seemed to be bursting I got to slow down. You see the baker will always have the first bite. Sometimes there is no one to eat the cakes. So I bake I eat and I grow fat.

 Anyway baking simple cakes and cookies is now a breeze, no more throwing away trays of black overbaked cookies. Burnt!. . .and the collasped cakes . . . and angry at myself. You laughed? Hah.

Whatever I must be conscious of my diet in the coming days.

Since my focus is now on the preparations I have less time for the outdoor. But still the other day I waited if I could take some pictures of birds but I only got the butterflies. . . .a gift from nature . . also worth capturing.


Will stop here to make way for baking. Will share it here in future entries.

For those who are in the same situation as me happy baking.

Till then, take care.

Bye . . .



  1. selamat hari raya kak....

    semoga semua kerja-kerja persiapan raya dan proses membuat kuih siap seperti dirancang...

    cantik juga gambar-gambar akak rugi tak watermark...manalah tahu satu hari nanti terbawa seseorang yang lihat gambar akak di google image..

    1. Terima kasih
      Akan nak cuba watermark nanti