Friday, 24 June 2016

#Kingfisher On the Wire

Hello everybody

As I mentioned in my much earlier post the place where I stay is semi rural. Not so backward and definitely not advanced. As a resident of this area I am still quite satisfied with the basics.

There is no more electricity blackouts like it used to .

The water pressure is good except on weekends and holidays when people swarm all over the district. Ours is a popular holiday destination.

The road is quite ok no more flooding when it rains.

The rubbish collection is regular. The resident themselves actually should be more disciplined.

But sometimes groups of monkeys cross over to this area and raid the garbage bins leaving the rubbish scattered all over.

They destroy mangoes and bananas and whatever trees which are fruiting. They also try to enter the houses.

I have seen them carrying away gardenias. Not flower. Its bread. They must have aquired the taste and like it. Once I lost a loaf of bread to them. And they always want to come for another.

They are so daring. They can even open the slightly opened window wider if you are not careful. The small ones can squeeze through the grill.

Really a nuisance.

Try to chase them away they stare back at you.

And as you enter the road to our group of houses you can see a sign board printed on it sekolah tanpa wire. Don't know what it means but I guess it must be about the internet and broad band and communication connection availability.

No wire. The word is wireless. Wireless. Whatever lah  . . . borrowing my grand kid's words.

The paradox is as you come into the area you will see overhead wires and cables everywhere, all wired up here ha ha.

Sure got a lot of wires here
There is also a communication tower nearby. In my own compound there is a telephone overhead cable running across. The pole is right there beside the gaharu tree which my spouse planted along the fence.

I don't like these cables and wires and I suppose most other people too. They mar the landscape. But then we have come to acccept that as these wires and cables are necessities to our everyday life. Until there comes a time when we can become more advanced to have all these hidden away we got to put up with it for now. I wish at least it could be made neater so as not to be such an eyesore.

But an eyesore or not I have been living here for nearly thirty years. My house is about one kilometre inland from the beach. When driving out from the area approaching the main road you will face the sea and when it is high tide on a sunny day the view is just magnificent.

So never mind the wires. Monkeys and squirrels and birds too would not mind these cables and wires and poles and tower.

Just like this kingfisher . . .

A bird suddently appeared
Trying to ballance on the wire
Looking at the photographer below?
Now comfortably perched
And happily making a call

I hope you like the pictures above. The colors of the plumage blue, turquoise also the colors of the shimmering sea under the afternoon sun. Beautiful.

So friends get unwired ease all tension and be relaxed.

Till next entry,

Bye . . .

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