Saturday, 11 June 2016

A Time To Give


Early morning, very, very early it was quiet except for the sound of rain drops falling on the awning roof.  It was still night. Dark and quiet outside. Even the birds have not woken .

And we were already having a meal. Hah. Still with eyes hardly can open. No I am not complaining.

What is there to complain its my own doing sleeping so late making waking up a burden. I can choose go on sleeping and skip the pre-fasting meal . . .but. . .

Did  I not say that this is a month of love and sacrifice and that being the women of the house seeing everything runs smoothly is a responsibility naturally thrusted upon you. How simple the chore is it is the woman's work.

Yeah she is so efficient she can press the right button of the microwave without even looking at it first. The hand is so automatic it can reach for things in the refrigerator without having to peer into it. The dirty dishes in the sink will clear in no time. That's how programmed she is.

Ok. It doesn't emotionally affect me one bit yes since I work like a robot but sometimes the batteries can get exhausted. Especially in time like this the SG is low ha ha. It has down time.

Do I sound like a hissing pressure cooker which if the vent is removed the steam will shoot up. No I think I am just a mild person may be only like a slow cooker.

But some times it is nobody's to blame you are making yourself tired wanting to do things which are not really necessary for you to do like gardening. Fit to be done by the stronger gender. Ladies should just sit demurely and watch from under the shade.

House garden

Overgrown trees in small area

Or I should let it, the garden, be as it is. Let the trees grow how it is supposed to grow according to nature's way, lush wild and jungly. Why trying to shape it this way and that way, prune here, trim there.

Let it grow bear flowers and fruits.

pomegranate flower

Bright colored pomegranate flower

Leave it for birds to enjoy.

The bird overhead shadowed by lush foliage

And this work of sawing and cutting and pruning have aggravated this pain in my arm. Working in the kitchen and cooking meals have become a drag. I just hope that the seeming lack of enthusiasm in me would not affect others of their spirit in this fasting month.

And if I pop in a pain killer that will settle things. No I will only do that as a last resort. Mean time I just apply the cream or sometimes the special gel plaster. It won't cure but at least there won't be grimaces in my face when I unintentionally reach for or hold things the wrong way that causes pain. Well all these pain is part of being old.

perskindol cool and acustop cataplasma

cream and plaster 

Ah don't be so resigned and negative. . . pains and aches everybody has. Just don't go look for it. So I tell myself if the body is giving signal that everything is not so well don't go and try to be a hercules. Remember that!

Sit at the side line for once and just watch the worlds go by . . .

zebra dove

zebra dove

perch on a mulberry branch

And resting for a while

Like a person thinking and contemplating the next move

Zebra dove

A'ha got the idea . . .

Be good like a dove so calm so peaceful . . .

Bye . . .

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