Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A Time To Change

Hi all

Starting today my routine will change. Its fasting month now.

No tennis for this whole month. Actually I can still play if I want to. I don't think a set or two will tire me out. I don't think I will get hypoglycemic and faint. At pre-fasting meal I take enough food and drink and vitamins to last the fasting hours. Anyway don't they say we should live as we always have even when observing puasa.

If I start my game at five and play for about an hour and a half I can still have time to travel home clean up and then I can have my breaking fast. Timing is just nice.

Will be back after one month

But who's going to cook and prepare the food for me and family. I don't mind and as for me its enough to break fast with just water milk or bread just like ordinary daily breakfast but but but.

This time therefore is a month of love and sacrifice. That I must remind myself. Forget about the fun at the tennis court. For just a month give full attention to life at home cooking and preparing meals for love ones. Serve them food and drinks they like hot and steaming while he sits there waiting. :-) . Is it not the function of women ? Serving! But its ok it does not affect me one bit.

I will carry on with my swimming routine in the morning. At least through out the month I still get some exercise. Its important to be active to avoid being sleepy in the day and to avoid thinking about food.

Its true you yawn more in the day in fasting month. Or may be its because we keep awake at night doing things that we cannot do in the daytime? May be we have not attained that spiritusl level in fasting. May be to most of us its just ritual ?

Well I should refrain from saying more.

Anyway since I am trying to lose some weight fasting helps provided I don't overeat at breaking fast and at the pre-fasting meal just before dawn. After the meals walk around in the compound, The idea is to move move move. That can help to burn some calories.

Actually there are a lot more work to do outside and inside the house. I keep postponing. Who likes to do these mundane job. So its once a year curtain wash. Dusting the ceiling fan only when the eyes cannot stand to see the dirty blades. Then the lights, the window panes etc and etc. But I promise myself all these will be done . Just so I can burn calories and to welcome the auspicious day at the end of the month. In fact I have started.

Ta daa . . .

All washed
The day before puasa started I went  to the beach hoping to photograph some birds. Not many birds around. They didn't come near. Except the crows. Always there.

Snapped some pictures . . .

Water sport is exhilarating

You cut through the water and make waves

Only ripples not tsunami

Water ebbing

Hiding place exposed
Little sea shells some empty some have minute lifes inside

Closer look at nature they are beautiful . . .

Ok for now hope you enjoy will to be back soon with another entry.

Be happy . . .

Bye . . .

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