Saturday, 25 June 2016

The #Hawk Came At A Busy Time

Hi again

I have not slept since waking up for my sahur this morning. There's work to be done and time is running short for the big day is approaching fast. Today it is in the third week of Ramadhan. See the moon is past its fullness which was on the fifteenth day. Today its 18th or is it 19th. This morning the weather was so fine the moon was still in full view.

Blue sky 
Fly me to the moon . . , ,
Problem is I do not know what to do first. Haiz .z .z . . this old lady how many umteen years have you gone through the Raya? Procrastination. Wait for the eleventh hour. Must do something for the young people.

In the past preparing for Raya means going shopping for the children. Buy new dresses for the girls. Buy items for the house. Buy "crocodile" T-shirt for hubby, pester the dress maker to custom made daughter's baju kurung, baking cookies baking cakes the ketupat and plus more.

Its all about the family. Not really about me .

I used to work on call on Raya day. But that was ok with me. I felt indespensible ha ha. All energy drained out. But ok. Happy. After all to usher in the raya there must be hustle and bustle. We women take delights in that situation. Ah . . . not to mention the making of lemang. The fire and the heat.

Now life is more quiet. The three girls are big now and they have their own taste in dressing. So I won't shop for their dress now. I'll wait for them to grow older I will shop make up items for them.That is if their mother does not object.

I get a nice feeling buying things for the young people. May be its psychological when I was young and pined for all the girl things, I could never get.

I see that my neighbour has started sprucing up their house and have hung up the decorative lights. The blinking lights evokes the air of festivities and that spurs me to get started on something.

Yeay I change my window dressing.
Leaves on the window
The old one I have used since my son's marriage in 2002 . Calculate how old it is. I love old things. Its still good.  Must learn to bid farewell sometimes.

And I made some cookies for the girls.
Cut out little hearts
Assemble them in baking trays
Sprinkle colored sugar
Baked let cool
Simple sugar cookies
Though occupied more with cooking and housework I still keep my eyes open for birds. And one late evening there was a commotion ouside. In front, across the road in the neighbour's compound the chickens were under attack by this

Its the hawk! Coming for the chicken!
I was in a hurry and simply click the camera. I miss the opportunity. Only the silhouette. The hawk.

Will try to improve my photography.

Got to end here, will be back again soon.

Have a happy time  . . .

Bye . . .