Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#Bee-Eater In Rainy Ramadhan

Hi hello happy to be back again

Well now the fasting is into its second half of the month. By now we who are fasting have already acclimatized so to say. The change in eating pattern from normal times would not surprise the body systems anymore. Not like in the beginning when people can get low blood sugar making them feel giddy or they get diarrhea or constipation.

Quite a suffering. But you have to endure.

It is the time to self examine the conduct of our life are we true and live up to the essence of our faith. It is a time to abstain and to self control from wants and desires. I mean self control. Do I need other people to police over me of how I practise my faith. Hah.

A time such as this we can see all the greeds and pretences surface.

To persons like me already old and resigned and don't want much more we just go through the puasa so effortlessly. I mean the ritual part of it. But to take it really up to its highest spiritual level I doubt most of us can.

Hunger pangs not everybody can stand. Those who have medical condition like diabetes its tough on them to fast. And those who have to take medications will have to excuse themselves too and there are many other genuine reasons that give you exemptions. Only you yourself know and you need not broadcast about it. No one else should be bothered and to keypoh about you.

Some people just forced themselves especially very old people though dehydrated and sickly will still want to fast which can be detrimental to their already failing health. No amount of explanations can convince them to skip. Its already deeply embedded in their mind not to miss the points.

To most people especially the women folk its time to bring out the culinary skills in them.

Why I say so? Just go to the food blogs you will find these bloggers will post their scrumptious menu which they prepare for their buka puasa nearly everyday. I admire these people. Rajin sungguh. Go to the popular azlitamasammanis.com and see for yourself. It is good to have some place to refer and give you ideas.

Some will crave for certain dishes and will start hunting for recipes. Some have become confused by the thousands of recipes on the internet. Aiyoh! Just pick one and start cooking!

And its also time to have makan-makan get together with families and friends. To take the opportunity to enjoy the variety of kueh usually only available during puasa month.

Anything wrong with that?

Really the fasting month brings goodwill and cheer.

And since its been raining throughout the days fasting is not so tiring the cool condition really helps. And when it rains in the morning its nice to get back to sleeping. Sorry to all those working people. For them its not a time to laze. A luxury you will only get when you retire.

But getting back to bed is not me. When it rains it is so nice to be awake. And sit in a cosy corner with the ipad. Surf the net and catch up with some reading. There are so much happenings in the country and its good to know though its not so much of a concern to me. Nevertheless some news get me to ponder why should man play god.

Block that off !

Listen to the rain and enjoy the quietness of the house.

When the rain is less intense its nice to go to the outside enjoy the wetness of the surrounding and the cool breeze.
Pearls of raindrops after a down pour hanging down on the fence
Mangoes fresh after the rain 
And when the rain stops and the sun starts to peek through the clouds bringing with it the light . . . its time for some photo shoot . . .who could be my model this time . . .

A lonely figure . . .
Expecting more rain ?
Drying out the feathers
Still look wet
All disheveled
Better to fly to a more sunny place . . .

This time of the year there are less birds showing up. They are there in the trees because I can hear their sounds.

The frequent raining makes the trees shrubs and creepers to grow lush and wild. The luxuriant foliage in the fore ground obstruct the vision. The naked trees are partly covered by creepers. Difficult to sight for birds.

I was lucky to have sighted this bee-eater that morning which perhaps was lost and separated from its friends. I say so because I usually see them in pairs or more. So there some pictures to upload for this entry.

Hope you all like these pictures of the blue-throated bee-eater.

Till next entry . . .relax and be happy.

Bye . . .

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