Thursday, 25 February 2016

Have Time For Mr #Koel

Hello and welcome again,

In the beginning I took up a hobby because it is the usual thing people do. Just for a diversion from the routine. Later on it became addictive. I am always looking forward to go for tennis or swim and if it rains it makes me go restless.

Of course I have other form of hobbies which I can do come rain or shine. I can do line dancing. Now I do not have a group anymore but I continue to do it alone at home. I do not want to forget the many many line dance steps that I have painstakingly learnt. It is a very enjoyable way to sweat.

I like to bake and decorate cakes. Since so far nobody has ever wanted me to decorate their cake for celebrating their important occasions that shows how good I am ha ha ...

You see I still offer my service.....and volunteer....

I have done cake like this

Its bulging here and there
and far from perfect they accepted it anyway so as not to kill my enthusiasm..

I consider cooking a hobby if its not done under duress. If so do quickly and be done with.

Here is something which we can do fast and quick yet nutritious

Put everything inside - rib pieces, big potato pieces, bundled roughly ground spices, chopped onions garlic and ginger (under the heap), salt.

Add water to cover the content close and set time

Done in 30 minutes.
Skim off the oily surface will make it more healthy

Now we have time for bird watching....


I like it here...

Cool and nice place

I can perch and stay longer

By the way you know me???

Me...Mr #Koel

I don't mind to make time to watch them and take their photographs.

Though the images are not very sharp to demonstrate the gloss and sheen and beauty of the bird I think we still can enjoy looking at them.

So long...bye..

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