Thursday, 18 February 2016

Birds And Flowers

Hello again

A garden is dynamic.

Sometimes the garden will look fresh and green and cheerfully spotted by colorful flowers.

Trees bearing fruits will be visited by squirrels and birds. At night there might be bats and others. In my in - law’s kampung wild boars would also come.

Flowers which attract bees butterfly and birds will not be there for long. They wither.

During long hot spells some plants become lifeless. And water rationing may be on...hmm

Come rain they wake up happily becoming very fresh.

Too much rain they droop and stoop.

Some plants will die. New ones will replace.

That is nature. It is designed as such.

In your heart you wish the garden to always be green and flowers always in bloom and birds would be singing.

In reality you cannot have everything every time.

Oh why be so melancholy …

Take photos when the plants and flowers are in their prime. Capture them when it matters most. Store them in the memory of your computer….click open when you feel dull it may help to brighten up your day.

Faithfully cheering up the place

Planted a long time ago now flowers frequently

Orchid flowers only once a year

Cempaka . . . a history in my garden

Overwhelmed by leaves

Pure white untouched by birds

Monkey will see this destroyed
Birds like these flowers

Flowers that matter to birds

Anyway birds like trees to rest and  hide under its canopy .

Fruits are anytime better than flowers . Do they care about flowers.

The mulberries their favourite

Belimbing buluh? No TQ

A bird knows no boundaries their wings can take them anywhere . . .
#Oriole on my neighbour's rambutan tree
There's a place for everyone under the sun

And there's enough of everything...for you and for me..and for them...

Crossing tails

Why then be crossed...

Have a marvelous day.


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