Tuesday, 9 February 2016

#Punai The Colorful #Pigeon

My bird watching is at its most elementary.

In terms of equipment I have only one digital camera with a zoom and an slr which I am not so good at using as compared to baking my other hobby for which I have an array of paraphernalia (not saying that I am an advanced baker).

By the way this is my latest creation. The edible image is not mine of course. I bought it online.

A big cake for a small girl

All set for a mini birthday party

I intend to buy another camera that is light n easy to use and which can take an extra reach than the one I have now. I have got to save.

With my small pension I think I got to cut on other expenses.Now things are not getting cheap.

I also have to consider my other hobbies swimming and tennis.

Hmm the swim wear they are selling now has become so expensive. 
Tennis shoes strings and the grip are all expensive, of course I don't change things ever so often like the professionals.

Hobby costs money . It is supposed to reduce stress. Now it has become a stress!

Somehow I must get that camera which I have in mind. And hope to present better pictures for you all my dear readers

Why am I so gung ho about getting a new camera .....because......

I have noticed that more birds have come to perch at my favorite birding spot!

My neighbour's backyard
Again I am peering at my neighbors backyard.

Its quite a distance away..on the far corner beyond the fence which is bordering a forest.
There's a dead tree. And there's a fallen log. I can see different species of birds sharing the place.

I could go over the fence to get nearer but I dare not trespass.
My neighbor is not friendly. She keeps to herself and seldom talk or even smile to people.The big house has a large,very large compound. 

The pictures below will tell you of my camera's limitations.
I have adjusted the optical as well as the digital zoom to the max.

Plus I do not have a tripod. My wire fence takes the role. Not stable at all and what more with all the mosquitoes ants and other insects disturbing especially when it is quite early in the morning or quite late in the evening.

Sure lah blurr.

From far I could see the colourful birds.

For this entry I will present this colorful pigeon

Rare appearance 
Keep still . . .
That's better
This  photo below was taken on another day but I think it was the same bird

Or is it a different bird because the orange patch is lower on the ventral..

I don't know...
A different bird?

That's the best I could get. No fine details..but suffice for the trained eyes to identify the birds. Unfortunately I am not.

I am not very sure.

If the tittle of this post is wrong I stand to be corrected. 

Will be back with more birds.....

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  1. Cantik - Punai Gading
    Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans) - male