Saturday, 20 February 2016

Celebrating the Morning with White #Pigeon


Waking up in the morning sometimes you feel your body aching all over.

You did not have a good sleep may be.

Or yesterday you over exercised.

Take away all the laziness aching and boredom that you may have.

Of course we reach for a morning coffee first.

Some people go for morning stroll.

I will choose to go for a swim.

Lets swim

Also a birding site for me

After the swim take a stroll at the surrounding area enjoy the morning forget for a while whatever chores waiting ...

Don't know what is that the gardener said it belongs to the squirrels

The #oriole coming out to say hello..

The #kingfisher
relaxing oblivious to the camera woman

Then take a walk to the beach

Morning glory greeting early birds

Pokok penaga flowering to lend cheer

#Pigeons were also celebrating the morning ..together

Two wanted to be together

One wanted to break away

To be away from it all..

 Another entry with another story...soon.


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