Friday, 19 February 2016

Birding And Tennis I Like Both

Hi everyone

Yesterday.. again happily went  for tennis

It was a hot day. All the courts were exposed except one which was a little shaded by the trees.

Players would be clamoring for that court.

We were there first so our foursome had the advantage.

It is the case of the early bird catches the worm.

A little bit about me and my tennis kakis..nearly are all retirees …well…we are old!!

We have been playing tennis for decades and are still enjoying the game just the way we did when we were young. We can still be emotional. We still can get pissed off at wrong line calls which make us slap back the ball to the opponent with vengeance on the next return. 

Some tease a volley right to the body..

Some are very clever to execute nasty slices making the opponent scramble for the ball even though they know the opponent is having a bad knee.

Some are good at sending high spinning lob to the back making short player like me hitting the air and getting a sore muscle in the arm.

Camouflage your craftiness by raising your hands and say sorry. Huhh…

After all winning is the name of the game.

Any bad feelings will be erased with handshakes and high fives when the game ended. Sometime we don't even to that...ha ha

Whatever it is I really enjoy tennis the one game sport that I think is the best compared to others that I have ever been involved in.

Tennis is the game where you need concentration. In big games like the grand slams we can see that the players are very easily annoyed at any distraction. They react even to a spectator’s whistle. Of course I watch all this on the television. I cannot afford to travel to watch them first-hand live.

For us the club players we don’t care so much about outside distraction. Our own laughs, giggles and screams during exciting moments can even drown the sound of the aeroplane flying above

The sound is deafening
But I am more interested if I see this hovering above.

There making a show

The eagle they must be back.

Today after my morning swim in the pool I went out to the beach.

I waited for some time. I saw crows running  flying from tree to tree hurdled together in groups.
Sure enough they are giving signal that a predator is lurking nearby.

I could see there was an #eagle hovering and gliding . It came but too far for my camera. I could not get any picture.

Waited for it to come nearer but it later disappeared.

Anyway here are some old pictures of  #eagles the Brahminy Kite as pointed out by Tabib in my previous post Watching The Birds.

On the look out


Seeing something?

Go !

The eagle has come back
Will be back with more bird stories...


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