Friday, 3 November 2017

Me In The Swim

Hi everyone

For days it has been raining in my area. Today I woke up to a dark rainy morning again. Perhaps the weather might clear soon to allow me to have time at the swimming pool. 

Swimming is my regular exercise and never get bored doing it though I find it is one of the most lonely form of recreation.

Alone by yourself 
There you alone in the water crawling and paddling and popping or rolling your head and body regularly for air to sustain flotation. It is a nice sensation feeling the water resistance caressing against your body.

Stretch your body and maximize your reach and feel the aching in your body slowly easing off. You swim from end to end and as you go on and on you gain tempo and rhythm and not gulping for air. If you don't call this relaxation then what is.

You kick your legs to propel yourself. You don't have to kick hard and create waves like a motorboat does. 

You keep calm and try to synchronize your leg action with other parts of your body as to the style of the swimming stroke, be it frog style (breast stroke lah ) or the front crawl (free style) or butterfly or the kuak lentang. I learn a lot from the swimming video on the you tube . You can find more tips on go

I seldom feel tired during swimming. Of course I sometimes take a breather between laps if I try to over do that will cause a little bit of panting. I know I need to work up to a higher level in order to up the burning of calories.

After a hard swim you can relax . . .

Everybody knows that swimming is a low impact exercise. Very suitable for old people like me whose  knees are starting to give way haha. And for those heavy bodied persons ( hmm obese, me by the way is just getting out of the category hehe) who find walking or running or working out in the gym will strain their joints, well swimming is the answer. Why worry about Archimedes principle hahahah. 

Swimming in the sea is quite a different kind of experience. You have to be careful. If we are not strong we better swim just at the shallower water. You might panic if you can't feel the bottom. But then don't get panic ok, just kick , kick, keep kicking and your hands keep push and pushing the water down. There you keep yourself floating. Anyway as what people say, we must always respect the sea.

The immediate effect after swimming is you might feel very hungry. So as not to overload yourself, you know what I mean, and defeat the very purpose of your exercise, eat something like a banana or a slice of bread with a cup of nescafe to boost your energy before swimming so that you are not like a hungry tiger after the swim. 

It is advised that we should drink water after the swim even though we don't feel thirsty. We don't feel we perspire much because of the water around us. So drink to replace all those water loss.

 And believe me, when you are back home you feel so high spirited and energetic, you can even run up the stairs or can sing song while doing the cooking for the day.

Though I swim not as good as the the ducks but I enjoy all the same and what's important is the good exercise I get from the activity.

Stay healthy with swimming.

Bye . . .



  1. Seronok tengok orang pandai berenang...Saya ni kalau terjun memang tak timbul dah...

    1. Seronok dan menyehatkan. Jika bersungguh kalau terjun mesti boleh timbul ha ha.