Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Not For A Picnic

Hi everyone

Being alone again today I decided to go for a leisurely walk at the beach.

A quiet morning. An empty beach. Not a soul around except for some birds and far out in the open sea a water sports enthusiast was crazily riding a jet ski.

The sound of the waves slapping against the beach rose above that of the traffics in the distance. It was nice to be there and be drowned by the sounds of the sea and with the winds blowing and cooling off all anger if there was any.

The water was still quite low as the tide was just coming in. I was tempted to wade deeper into the sea , oh no , not getting myself drown like the heroine in the tear jerking movies ha ha but wanting to continue with a swim as usual.  But the tide was not right and myself not in the mood.

Looking out at the vast body of water makes you feel so free, at the same time feel so small. Just like a dot on a piece of blank paper. Tiny and insignificant. Where do I fit in this wide world of nature.

The morning was as dull as I was aimless. But sometimes it can be quite a happy feeling when you got nothing to aim for. No pressure what so ever. Nobody to bother you on how long you were there, wasting the time away by just doing nothing. Nobody was breathing down your neck.

The seascape was neutral grey. A dull color. But I could imagine the color change when the sea would later be under the noon sun or the evening sun. A perfect picture of sea blue, greenish or turquoises.

I love the serenity and beauty of this place though it is not as scenic as some beaches as pictured in holiday brochures. Here I can go to the beach anytime, it is just at my door step, so to say. And it doesn't cost me a cent to be there and sometimes to have the whole beach to myself, just like today. In fact I fell in love with this place since I was first transferred to work in this coastal town.

Though this morning the scenery was not picture-perfect the sea still lulled me and ambling at the seashore made me feel peaceful. You walk on leaving footprints in the sand, wading in the water, feeling the waves beating against your skin, nice and relaxing. Nicer still knowing that you were relieved of the mundane routine for the day.

To the beach I will go . . . 

Life can be like a buoyant coconut drifted on the ocean

. . .  not for a picnic.

Till next entry,

bye . . .


  1. Hello the swim..., how was your morning today? There is plenty of sunshine today at my place and I wish the same for you. Btw, the beach looks clean and those pumice stones look interesting. Enjoy!

    1. How I wish every morning is good for all of us . . .

  2. tenangnya berjalan di tepi pantai...tak semua orang ada masa untuk melihat keindahan alam semulajadi..

    banyak yang boleh dipelajari dengan alam yang terbentang luas

    1. Bila kesibukan hidup telah lega kita akan nampak keindahan alam semula jadi . . .