Sunday, 3 April 2016

Update On The #Hawk

Hello again my friends

Please bear with me. I am going to fill up this entry talking about the hawk again. Its not that I have run out of words about other things. There are a lot more and I only have to put it in proper sequence.

But this bird the hawk is current. It is right there every day now into the fourth week. Soon I think it will be gone because the frequency of it appearing and calling is slowing. This morning it was there. But it acted kind of strange. It did not show much interest in the crows hovering over it. It did not go after the blackbirds. Or was it too full. It looked like sleepy, tired.

What attracted the crows towards this hawk? Has the hawk having some exposed injury that may have tempted the crows? It is too far to be examined. the photos I took do not suggest any injury. (There's a voice saying your photos lack details!)

Umm never mind. Just look at this picture to see the hawk's response to the crows around it.

 Mmm  blackbirds

 More coming?

 Hah come on come on

 Why are you all here


 How dare you!

 And you!

 Tweeeek tweek!!

 How to chase them away..

 TWEEEEK - TWEEK!!! ...TWEEEEK..TWEEK..!!!  ,,,,got the message???

Till the next entry ...


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