Saturday, 23 April 2016

Morning Walkabout


For some morning is the busiest time of day. A time to get ready for a new day.

The time when baby cries either of hunger or wet. And awaken the whole household.

But some will go back to sleep and have to be shaken vigorously to wake them up again. Either too lazy or tired because of late for bed.

Then they fight for the bathroom since everyone do not want to be late. And how about the time to dress and to preen in front of the mirror?

Over the breakfast table they continue their squabbling about who's who causing everybody to be late. And the one targeted for the blame will sulk. This also would cause delay.

If one has not done the homework so it is now to do it in hurry and haste while pleading others to help.

Somehow they would be ready on time and when commanded at lightning speed they scramble into the car. Off they go.


Hmm that's how the morning routine nowadays.

The time when I was a parent to school going children more than twenty years ago it was different. No fuss. Because I live in small town the situation was more relaxed no hurry and no haste. The children woke up dressed up and had proper breakfast. Took their school bags and just walk out to school which was just across the quiet road.

Seeing and helping them prepare for school was no stress. Only when it rained the children got anxious and complaining because mother took so much time styling her hair ha ha.

Me? A five minute drive to workplace. But sometimes I rushed all the same.

In my childhood days parents did not really care so much. Children usually had to fend for themselves. We had to walk miles to reach the school. Parents totally left it to the teachers as to how or what the children learnt.

They were more focused on finding ways to survive.

It is still in my mind that my mother in her life was almost always wearing the terendak . For me it is the symbol for labour.

I picture my mother and friend at the padi field.

Now as a retiree my morning is what and how I want it to be. Want a simple quick breakfast? Linger on  while surfing the net? Do as I like.

Or go for a swim, dance exercise or just walk. . .life is a leisure.

Or make myself feel important and take a walkabout. . . just to see things. . .

Hello morning

Have flowers for the eyes

Put on some colors

Keep clean and beautiful

Go catch some pests

Make up your mind

Sing it clear

Sing it loud

Sing from the tree top

All ready to face a new day?

Have a leisurely day. . .

Bye. . .

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