Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Accepting The Change


In the beginning there was anxiety. There was turmoil inside, yes no no yes. Agony. Was it necessary was the decision right.

Many instances I was on the verge of withdrawing from the decision and to cancel the agreement.

Ah yes just call me fickle minded.

To some people it may be a small matter but to me it is something very big and important.

Many worries at the beginning . . .

One was I need to break my piggy bank which was not even full. And scared that the money might go to waste. I am not a miser but just being thrifty.

Secondly I have to forgo my little garden with its fragrant jasmine and the red palm and other plants and the grass. Nice to view from the living area. When all in the family are home and the living room is overflowing I would open the door wide to merge the indoor and outdoor. I would miss that kind of setting.

And third I was scared that I have to live with something I don't like and cannot make myself to like it however I tried. And that I cannot undo what's done.

Other than that I think I am just one plain old and conservative. One who would never use wild and outrageous lip colors even when she was young.

The plan was. . .
  • To give the house an overall face lift which is supposed to enliven my home.
  • To tear down the old porch and build a bigger one a slab with plaster ceiling with down lights and fans. 
  • To tile up the whole front yard and to build side wall on the left in place of the wire fence.
  • To extend the living/family area
  • To change the front sliding door and grille.
  • To change the front window.
  • To have a new sliding gate.
  • To give the whole house on the outside a fresh new paint - one layer sealer and two layers of the weather shield.
In my previous post I have touched a little bit on this subject here.

The hacking made my heart dropped

Here comes the backhoe

The digger digging lumps of earth . . causing lump in my throat

The work progresses

Under the watchful eyes of this uncle. . .

Near completion

No more noise its nice to stay home

After more than two months the new porch is up and completed as per agreement.

I finally gave everyone the green light. Yes they could come back to spend their week end here now that the dust has settled and already being washed off.

Everybody in the family seems to like it. The house is cooler and the look is neater.

There is more space in the living area. I still can open the door to merge the area outside and inside but minus the greens.

There is shaded playing zone for the children. The little one can ride her bicycle safely.
From the living area the adults can monitor them.

Thinking of getting a ping pong table for the older girls . . .its more for me  ha ha . . .can add another activity to my list of interests.

Now I don't feel I miss my little garden. Funny. And I don't regret breaking my piggy bank. All forgotten. I am quite happy with the change.

It is just that I am so attached and hold dear to old things I owned and difficult to let go.

I am a nature loving  person so I will want to make the remaining area beside the house as green as possible. No one shall park their cars on the grass. Think I must put up a sign ha ha.

Oh now I like it. Hmm.

It sorts of lift  my spirit though it created a hole in the pocket. Tak pe lah.




And the birds are coming nearer and nearer

Hiding on the rambutan tree outside the fence

 Beautiful color on the front . . . so fluffy.

And the color on the back .

Will stop here hoping you enjoyed reading . . .

Will be back with another story. . .

Bye. . .

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