Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mother's Day Is A Day For Togetherness.

Hi all

Happy Mother's Day to motherhood and honor to all mothers.

Got the message on the phone otherwise it could pass without me realizing it. But then what is it so important about the day. Not that I don't remember my mother a woman who had sacrificed to raise me and my siblings.

And many must have remembered the day they become mothers. . .

A Time To Remember

Do you remember
your tummy barely touching the steering when you have to drive the car
and friends were making fun of how big you were

Do you remember
being pushed to the room marked labour
soon after there was a little being in the incubator
a kind of feeling welled out in you and you know you were a mother

And you remember
little feet toddling on the floor
and busy hands reaching out for everything everywhere
there were joy and laughter and love filling the air
fun and feelgood in you the mother

In no time in your midst a teenager the manipulator
sapping away your energy while you juggling motherhood and career
but no surrender
ok ok ok
you're the multipurpose mum the good manager
a superwoman after all

And now the little feet has grown large and larger

fitting the shoes size high in number
walking tall walking away to pursue whatever
and you into dreaming the time of past era

-by me a mother

Mothers are always pictured as loving, caring, selfless, a darling. . .

Me as a mother ? I don't know. But there were times when  I received cards or cake or a makan treat around mother's day so I assume I am being appreciated.
Received this card some years back
It is also good that the day is being commercialized making people aware of its coming and cause them to pause to think about and remember their mothers, those still living or those who have passed away a long time ago. Life have been hectic for everybody in this busy world. What is not in the immediate attention will remain at the back of the mind.

Feel guilty? Don't. All mothers understand.

Let only the niceties and happy moments be remembered. Forget and forgive for any misunderstandings and frictions and bitterness once had. We don't have to pretend there's nothing. Relationship with mother can sometimes be rough.

When under pressure mother can be harsh.

When teaching she can be awfully strict.

Sometimes she adamantly wanted her way.

Children too sometimes indescribably stubborn and insensitive.

Mothers and children are only human all have their own idiosyncrasies.

This is how you do ok!!

Sometimes mother left you

And flew away
Let the heart be clear and mind be peaceful.

And celebrate the day with love.

Love love love in three generations
And cheer the day with a mother's meet.

A time to get together in celebration mooD

Say it with carnations
Happy Mothers' Day!!

Happiness to all mothers . . .

Bye . . .

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