Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Watch The #Shrike To Cheer The Heart

Hello everybody

Are you happy with yourself and your life? With people and with happenings around you that affect your life?

Me? Yes and no.

Having living for so long  I can accept and manage to come to term with whatever is supposed to cause unhappiness. I neutralize the minuses to make it positive. Compromise and kau tim. Some of the unhappiness you have got to swallow and because  you live among  people at times you got to make way for them. But if people step on your toe just kick them back. Complaining and whining is usual. Try not to I tell myself.

A child can throw a tantrum if his or her demand is denied. Everybody will come running to persuade her, to coax and to flatter her and do not mind to succumb to her manipulations. The child is lovable, adorable, a charmer.

You one old lady do the same you will only be packed off to the old folks home ha ha.

So we must know where we stand.

I feel as an individual we should learn to be independent although we have children who have no problem to attend to our beck and call. They shouldn't be troubled for they too have their own fair share of problems.

The oldest may not be the wisest and may not be the most knowledgeable. So we should not be dictating others  and expecting everyone to listen. What more if we think so highly of ourselves to the point of arrogance. Children and grandchildren will distance themselves from us which can make us unhappy.

Let us remain lovable .

Sometimes I have many things running in my head.

Thoughts of my future. Don't think you are sixty you don't have a future. What if you live up to ninety. And you are just you and not any ex- king or a statesman with an entourage to accompany.

The most important thing is we should be financially independent.

My thought was as we grow older we can go for less in maintaining our lives. Many things we wanted to have when we were young we think we don't need them anymore. Clothes shoes handbags cosmetic are no more issues. But I was wrong.

Instead at this age we need to spend more for clothing and shoes. Finer cloth to keep our body comfortable and we also want it to look good and to cover our increasing bulge ha ha.

Good shoes with good support are a necessity  to ensure comfort for the feet and the weakening knees. If not it can bring problems to the back. And a bad back can make you grumpy. See?

All good and fine things are expensive.

And the skin care and cosmetic. Do we still need?

Yes yes. I hear a chorus.

The lotions and creams to tighten sagging skin. Foundation and powder to cover blemishes. And thinning eyebrow and thinning hair all need to be attended to.

Oh I forgot. The lipstick to brighten up the demeanor.

Not just any cheapo brand lest the face will look like a parched ground in dry season.

So life can be expensive than before for those who like to maintain their image.

Then the food and the supplements.

Yes a need to keep up with the pharmaceutical development to stay healthy and mmm feel young.

How about the clever gadgets and the up to date gears for the numerous hobbies.

Need to cheer up the heart.

And a car to move around. Make sure you do not have to depend on a chauffeur.

Oh many many more that money can buy and for all these reasons, the need for financial independence.


No. It is the necessity for the modern old. Part of happiness.

The above supposedly bespoke the heart. Many hearts. Nothing wrong with that.

But in simple everyday living happiness and joy can be found by watching nature. . .

Brown eye shadow

Pose like a model

Relaxing on the fence

 Feeding on a catch

Want for more?


 Hiding in the bush

Spot a chance

Am being overexposed!!

More in the coming entry. Stay tuned.

Bye. . .

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