Wednesday, 11 May 2016

They Have Taken Over

Hello everyone

I think my earlier guess was right. The hawk which appears since more than two months back around this area has frightened away the smaller birds. Now I see less birds in the vicinity.

The hawk now has shifted to another tree which is nearer to the tree where the pigeons doves orioles kingfisher bee-eaters  iora and others like to come basking and grooming themselves.

Today I saw none of the colorfuls instead another  hawk with dark and dull colored plumage was found to perch on that tree.

So now there are two hawks patronising the area. Although they are different in color and the sound too are different they seem to respond to each other. They must be cousins ha ha.

I think there are more in the belukar behind the tall trees because I could hear similar callings from the back. Some sounded "small" and whinning. There could be a nest inside.

So far only these two are sighted.

Here they are

Its presence cause other birds to disappear

Looks so haughty and dominating

Something caught its attention

On the alert

Always cautious looking over the back

Ready stance

Eyes focussed

Calling out

announcing its presence

 The legs of the first hawk

This belongs to the second

Looking what's behind is the characteristic of the hawk before it attacks its prey

Sharp eyes to spot potential prey    

So these two hawks have taken over the ground. Wonder where the other birds have gone. 

The stronger, bigger and cleverer ones win. Its like that.

Take care,

Bye. . .  


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