Sunday, 22 May 2016

Browse The Album When It Rains


The hot dry time is really over. Now its wet.

It comes first with the wind wailing.

The rain then poured and look like curtain  falling from the edge of the roof.

The lightning flashed and the thunder from the sky would clap and whip and crack and boom.

They can make things in the hand slip and drop. If it is glass it will shatter into a thousand pieces. Broken and never can be mended. 

The bad weather, dark and threatening and that can bring on anxiety.

Or is it just me easily get scared and timid. Blame it on my childhood experience.

Growing up in the kampung I lived in a wooden house built high on stilts and it was not very strong such that when we played and ran inside the house the floor would rattle and if you jump the house seemed to shake. Its like what you see when children nowadays jump on the wooden bed ha ha. Of course you would get the yelling too.

The house was surrounded by tall coconut trees. We were always told not to play under the trees because ripe coconut can fall on you even if there was no strong wind. My late mother was unlucky and had one coconut fell on her back. In the old days people did not go to the hospital they let time heal their injuries.

It must have affected her spine because as she grew older her back hunched and much later was found that she had an old fracture at the thoraco lumber region. I was only so small when things happened and did not know anything then.

Sorry I digressed.

As I said the house was surrounded by tall coconut trees you can imagine how anxious we were in stormy weather especially at night and in total darkness only intermittently lighted by the lightning flashes.

The trees would be swaying like pendulums. Some coconuts would fall and when it hit the zinc roof the banging would strike fear in us children as we huddled each other and the elders would be reciting prayer words and not just exclaiming OMG.

Now at this age I should be ashamed as to be so anxious about this bad weather. After all the place where I stay is usually not on the path of the real wrath of nature.

Pray let it remain that way.

I must not be whinning and complaining.

It should not matter if there is no tennis due to the bad weather.

When there is nothing much to do just doodle

Exercise the fingers to relax the mind
Birds from nowhere

Bad weather does not allow for gardening so do it in your computer.

Gardening can kill boredom
When its cold and raining outside it is a good time to browse the album. There may be old photos which can bring back beautiful memories and bring a smile and forget the disappointment brought upon by bad weather.

Here are some pictures from my album. . .

Sit in the corner and do nothing

Happy time meeting friends in fine weather

Rare sighting

Got a companion

There are more old photos I intend to upload in future entries.

So till then . . .

Bye . . .

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