Monday, 19 February 2018

A Small Decor Project The Glass Planter

Hi everyone

The rainy days recently had me remained indoor most time. Needed to do something to arrest the restlessness. So I came up with this small decor project for my humble home.

The planter is a recycled glass container from of a tabletop convection oven which I have been keeping for a long time not knowing what to do with it before. To have it discarded seemed to be a waste.

I put some charcoal at the bottom of the glass container and then on it some black and white pebbles. Put some plants and put more pebbles to anchor the plants in place. Spray some water. Hey I got a project ready!

Recycled oven glass container 

Pebbles to anchor the plants charcoal to prevent rotting

Sansevieria plants arranged to please the eyes

The plants used are sansevieria or the snake plant also known to us by pokok lidah mak mertua. I chose this plant because it is easy to care, just need to spray a little water maybe once a week would be enough.

The arrangement though very simple by any standard nevertheless gives freshness to the house. Hope you like it too.

Till next entry , bye . . .


  1. Wah, mudahnya nak jaga, siram seminggu sekali je yer... Nanti nak buat juga la...

  2. Very good idea. And such a beautiful decoration in a beautiful container!

  3. Mmm...saya pun terinspired dengan deco Mints. Thanks for sharing. Pokok ini pun ada di kebun. Nak kena pi hendap tengok masih wujud ke tidak. Lama dah biarkan diaorang kat situ.

  4. Berikan juga tempat di dalam rumah kepada mereka . . .