Friday, 23 February 2018

Adelia's Garden

Hi friends

Do you like these plants.

They were planted from the seeds last December during the school holidays . It was supposed to be a homework project by the first sister.

She has taken some of the plants back to school and left some at the balcony at their home.

So her little sister took over caring  for the plants deligently watering it and enjoying every bit of her little gardening.

And now it is February, many weeks have passed  . . .

She gardens 

 She plays

As the plants grow

And now 

Nevermind if its stunted growth . . .

Its still a beauty . . .

That's Adelia's garden.

Happy gardening.

Till next entry . . .


  1. Seronok bila tengok pokok kita tanam hidup segar kan...

  2. Baguslah dari kecil dah berminat nak bercucuk tanam.

  3. hehehe
    sama macam saya dulu suka tanam pokok dan tengok pokok berbunga atau berbuah