Monday, 5 March 2018

The Healthy Life Style Run And Ride

Hi there

It has been more than a week since my last entry. I would have written and published the entry earlier. It’s because the internet connection to my house is down . . . yet again.

It is still not ok. I am now using the free wifi at a family club. I feel so reluctant having to get out from the house to here though it’s only a mere 5 minutes drive and typing on my laptop with many people sitting around. What can I do? I have to try to ignore the distractions but at the same not be too absorbing minding my manner as I am not in the privacy of my own home. I don’t want to draw any attention.

I have wanted to write an entry about a Saturday event as soon I reached home last week Sunday, while everything was still fresh in my mind. What to do life is full of surprises. I thought the downtime was only one day but it has stretched to more than a week. Sigh . . .

However here is the story.

On the 24th February, there was a Healthy Life Style Run & Ride 2018 organized by the Health Ministry.

The colorful medal

Naturally, the aim was to promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging people to be active and take their fitness to higher levels by getting involves in exercise and sports such as walking, running, cycling and etc.

The event was held at the Putrajaya wetland park so that as you run or ride you can enjoy nature at the same time. The reason the venue was picked as said by the MC that day.

There was a quite a good crowd of participants but I think it was so much less than the crowds at the two running events in which I took part last year. Perhaps I shouldn’t compare because the previous ones were definitely organized on a grander scale.

Started early in the morning

My sister and her daughter took part in the 14 km Ride, while me and daughter, as usual, the 5 km Fun Run (mostly walking for me).

My aim, as usual, was not to finish last hehe.

The track was more challenging this time. The terrain of the Wetland is undulating. It was going uphill most time, very tiring for the legs. Part of the path was rough, muddy, sandy or graveled, made worst due to previous night rain. There were pools of water at certain parts and therefore you got to watch your steps.

You can’t really run or walk smoothly and at the same time enjoy the views of the Wetland.

Attention to safety was most important.

Anyway, I am happy because all the anxiety and the physical stress I went through did not trigger my heart beat problem. This is something positive for me.

I managed to finish in less than an hour. I realized there were many more runners came to finish later. Perhaps they took time and stop to enjoy nature along the way.

To say that I didn’t enjoy the run is a little bit too much. To say that I did enjoy it, well, it is not fully. We were so gung-ho on the night before the event but feeling a little down after the run and ride.

Getting ready on the night before the race

Sad. This time there was a mishap.

My sister fell off her bicycle. It was actually about five minutes ride to the finish. She was riding downhill and did not realize there was a narrow but higher than usual road hump. There was no warning that she was aware of.

Lucky she was not cycling at full speed so the fall was not that bad, only bruises and a swelling wrist. It was bad enough to have made her cancel attending a young relative’s birthday party later in the day.

Packing up  for home
I think cycling could be dangerous especially to old people. Our bone which has become low in density due to aging easily succumb to fracture if we fall. It is better to stick to running or walking. If you really have a passion for cycling you really must wear all the protection gears for such sport.

We found many shortcomings in a certain aspect of the organizing that has left us perplexed. It dampened our spirit a little. Hope the experience do no discourage us from joining such events in the future.

That's it my long overdue entry, hope you enjoy reading.

Till next entry, bye.


  1. tahniah kerana masih mengekalkan kecergasan anda, anyway cantik badge tu ...

  2. Tak pernah sertai larian kecuali masa sekolah je

  3. Tahniah masih aktif bersukan.
    Bukan semua orang suka aktiviti berpeluh-peluh macam ini :-)