Friday, 16 March 2018

Don't Be Angry

Hi friends

It is now still early but the sun is already giving out heat. There are no trees around here. Just few palm trees that can't do much to help cool down the place.

Around is all concrete. The house I am sitting in is a unit in the many stories building.

I peek out through the window I see there is an effort by the people and the authorities to green the adjacent area by planting trees there. 

In this kind of hot weather can the young saplings survive. 

I hope it will. 

It will take many years for the trees to grow and able benefit the people.

Anyway, it is better late than never.

But of course, some who planted it may not be able to enjoy it later. 

People say those who plant trees plant them for others.

See, me when back at my hometown walking and relaxing under the trees around the area I just take for granted of their existence there. Do I care to appreciate those past people who planted the trees that have become so beneficial? 

I notice the angry look on this tree that makes me answer.

Oh yes, I do appreciate.

The face of a tree.

See you in next entry.

Bye . . .


  1. cuaca panas sesuai untuk kemaskan kawasan kebun terutama waktu awal pagi dan lewat petang

  2. Seksli tengok mcm beruang mengaum ya.

  3. sabar sokmo deh :D

    jom join segmen Azah :D

  4. My mother always grow tree for her children and grandchildren.
    Even now she still continue to plant trees that might take years to grow from seeds cos this is more lasting.

    1. One way of showing her love for children and grand children

  5. angry look.. not so angry for me.. more toward troll face.. lol

    1. Ya ... look again . . . a forest troll ha ha.