Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Watch Out!

Hi friends

My house is inland a kilometer away from the seafront. If there are no buildings or greeneries in between I can have the view of the sea. How nice it could be.

Many, many years ago I lived in old government quarters on a hill slope facing the sea separated from the beautiful and pristine sandy beach only by the main road. There was nothing to block the view.

The house was strategically built where there were windows and doors open out to the sea view. From the bedroom the hall and the dining, and right up to the kitchen you would be able to see the setting sun.

The big french door opened out to a verandah where the family used to sit and relaxed. Living there was like staying in a holiday bungalow.

At the beginning of my stay there, I used to sit in the verandah and gazed out to the sea for hours. In those days I remember most of the time the view was clear and colorful with the shimmering water changing colors as the sunlight striking it at different angles at different times of the day.

On some days the view was so breathtaking that you could really fall in love with the sea.

My beautiful experience there is all history now. I can only dream of having such a place. So the next best thing I did was to have bought this house which is quite near the sea.

The beach is where I usually frequent. Love them, the blue sea, the blue sky. the white clouds.

Not that on all days the view is that colorful and romantic.

Sometimes it is just dull and gray, quiet and lifeless.

Certain time the sea is dotted with people and the next day the beach would be littered when the crows, a lot, would be having a good time scavenging.

There could be a worse time when you don't want to be by the seaside. You could hardly see a thing. The haze!

May I add?

You could even be green with jealousy, just standing there and watching. Oh, not so bad. You could feel a little envious watching out at the open sea . . .

The above are photos I captured on one hazy morning. Hope you like it.

Till next entry, bye.


  1. memori adalah antara harta terbaik milik kita

  2. Beautiful experience.
    Nice memories.

    1. We usually have attachment to physical environment where we once lived.

  3. Best kalau dapat tengok.pemandangan indah hari-hari

  4. Jujurnya saya tidak suka laut cuma suka menikmati keindahanya saja. Tapi hakikatnya kehidupan saya sentiasa di kelilingi oleh laut.

    1. sentiasa di kelilingi laut . . . tempat macam pulau lah tu . . . tentu cantik dan menarik pemandangan dia.

  5. i like sea too.. but just to see..

  6. I found every sea is unique.
    I simply love to gaze at the sea each time I drive around Teluk Likas.

  7. Gazing at the sea make us drift into peaceful kind of feelings.

  8. Bestnya duduk sky laut. Boleh rise Dan sunset. Mesti tenang aje

  9. Pemandangan yang sangat menyenangkan