Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Gardening It Is

Hello again friends

These days I have so much free time. How come?  It's because I spend less time surfing on the internet as the telephone is still dead and stingy me, try to reduce usage of my mobile data. 

Since I quite like to garden then gardening it is what I do to fill up the time.

Some of the plants badly need repotting and shifting of places.

First here about this dracaena plant. It was rejected before and pushed away to stay among the bushes and the bananas for a number of years.

Dracaena after repotting
Some weeks back I retrieved it and placed against the column of the porch to green the house a little bit. But it would topple at the slightest gust of wind because it was top-heavy.

Since I have given it a new, bigger and heavier pot it is now standing tall. However, the leaves are still a little limp. I’ll give it a little more time to improve. If not it has to be taken away and replaced with a better plant.

Pushing and dragging the heavy potted plants help burn some calories, a motivation there.

Plant it into a bigger pot
Give it some drinks

Then there is another plant. This plant has been there in the compound for umpteen years. No one pays attention to it.

I don’t really take good care of it except for the showering when I happen to be a little caring. Left there under the trees for a long time it became bent and twisted as it tried to get some sunlight on its own.

The plant is so resilient. It survives against all odds.

It is worthy of my respect. I need to put it into a new pot and place it where it deserved. It has its own specialty to show off. It has the special red /pink margins on the narrow and pointed leaves.

Red-margined dracaena leaning forward to welcome you

So there you have it, the red-margined dracaena standing gracefully welcoming you to my house!

Then there is the spotted-leaved Japanese bamboo also known as dracaena surculosa, if I am not mistaken. At one time this plant was very popular. I don’t know how it is now.

I have three or four pots of these plants tucked away under the clumps of lady finger palms. Yesterday I pulled out the pots and plonk them into bigger plastic pots and group them together and hey look! Aren’t they beautiful?

I think whatever plants if they grow well will look nice and beautiful.

And now I am getting carried away doing up the plants. I have started to pull out the sansevieria plants, popularly known as the mother in law tongue, from the corners of the compound and put them in pots. 

Work is not yet finished. Many more pots of these plants are needed. I need to collect more. I am still thinking of how best to arrange them outside the low window. Perhaps I will blog about it when it is ready.

I guess I should stop writing and bragging now.

So, till next entry, bye.


  1. Cantik pokok tu, nanti zumal pun nak cari juga la

  2. pokok yg last tu ada dekat rumah family

  3. sekarang ni kalau pokok native dalam hutan tanam dalam pasu lagi rare

  4. Wouw bagus sangat tuch tipsnya, thanks infonya, salam kenal n kunjungan from blogger surabaya.

  5. Beautiful colours! I like the pink red one. Btw you can cut down to the height you wanted the plant to be. The trunk will send out shoots again. The top can be used to propagate a new plant.

  6. Berseri rumah kalau ada pokok sepasu dua pun. Nampak segar.