Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Fun Run

Hi friends

Today (19/08/ 2017) I did something out of the ordinary, that which can help break life monotony. You know what. I took part in the 5 km Fun Run

I have been exercising extra hard in the past week to make sure that I have enough stamina to finish the run and the most important is  . . . not to finish last hehe.

I was a little worried too because recently I faced some health issues and fear that still, what if I tergolek on the track!

Everything turned out well. Unnecessary worry, unlike my other family members who were so full of enthusiasm. In fact my sister my niece and my hubby were among those who finish earliest. Congratulations to them.

Me? Okey. I completed!

My daughter was with me throughout the run, escorting me. She would have finished earlier too if she had wanted but preferred to tag along with me ( was she worried about me) Joining in was just for fun anyway.

Ahh let me congratulate myself for not finishing last hehe.

I was happy that I did not get chickened out and retreat and stay back. I was thinking about that possibility yesterday. I would have missed the opportunity to experience what is it like to be running and walking along with so many people in a race, that is if you can call it a race.. It was such a big crowd. It was so much different from walking alone.

Happiness is . . .burning calories

If you were wondering what event was that, it was the Larian Sukan SEA held  in Putrajaya . They have the fun run so that ordinary people like you and me can also participate .

Would I join such an activity again in the future, Yes I would.

Don't just stand by the side and just look on.

Stay active stay healthy and be happy.

Bye . . .


  1. congratulation for completing the run. Sayangnya terlewat sikit for you to join the sea game. sedang berlangsung sekarang.

    1. Ya memang terlambet . Kalau tak terlambat pun tak layak pula.
      Cuma tumpang seronok saje.

  2. dah lama tak join larian seperti ini

    1. Thanks.
      Event macam ni elok untuk family togetherness.

  3. bila lah nak start balik join program gini...

  4. teringin nak join.. mungkin satu hari nnti. really want to!!

  5. Wow! congratulations!!!
    Yes!!! stay active and stay healthy walaupun kita dah terlebih muda hehehehe...