Monday, 14 August 2017

Hitting It Harder


My left hand tossed it high, my right hand swinging to strike it down hard. I have learnt to do it right. And sometimes I would produce an ace 😤 much to the chagrin of my opponent whom I know most time would underrate my ability 😏.

Ouch . . . why this time I missed the ball. The racket weighted my right hand until it hurts.

Awakened suddenly, my right arm was hurting.

It was all about yesterday's tennis. The excitement got carried into my sleep.

Hey don't pass me as a standard six student writing an imaginary composition titled I dream of tennis.

This  I am telling is true. My arm really hurt. I know the reason. I slept like a log, being so tired. I am more comfortable sleeping on the right than lying on the left. My arm could have been compressed throughout the night. Lying on the left would not take me to a good sleep. Feel heavy. Could it be because of my big heart. My chest x-ray was reported as, likely cardiomegaly.

Ah lets talk about a more exciting matter than on what that can make you worry.

Yeah about yesterday's game that found its way into my sleep hehe.

The game can find its way into my dream? I am not a child, say whatever, but yes yes. Too interesting or too frustrating to forget, sometimes.

I love tennis . So are my gang here. Nobody should speak down to us insinuating that tennis is not for the old and the haggard (😒😠). Respect yea, we are seniors (read old).

Tennis is in our blood. One of my tennis friends even said he is okey if he is fated to die at the tennis court. We have been playing for so many years already and will continue to play while we still can.

Back to yesterday's game.

Earlier in the day it was raining hard. The club informed that the court was not playable when queried. Some of us the real hard core kaki tennis just went without thinking about the court being wet.

Since we, me and three other friends were already there we insisted on playing . The grounds man gave in but told us to only use old balls. Alright . . .Gleefully we went in.

Yes the court surface was still wet but the water had seep down. There was nowhere water ponding seen. The court has good drainage. The surface is of artificial turf and it has been properly built and maintained and was sanded just recently. There was no fear of it to be slippery. The condition was playable except that the ball would get wet hence we were not given new balls.

We were okey with the old balls. Used tennis balls, that is.

In the beginning it was alright we started hitting, smooth and effortless. As the game progressed the ball soaked up the water and became heavier. The ball bounce was kind of slow. You need to move faster to get to the ball and make adjustment in your stroke.

Sometimes the adjustment made was not good enough. You see we are just ordinary players . . .

It was hard to play when the ball became heavier. So try to compensate by hitting harder. If from the base line, you need to put more force on your grounds stroke. If too much you would send the ball out. Tennis is a game of skill not only about physical strength.

The lob ball would not go high and spinning. Opponent would be able to smash the ball back into your court. Nothing you can do in return but to just look in dismay.

Even the volley wouldn't be effective as the oncoming ball may also be slow and lame. If  you are real good at the net then only you can volley the ball beautifully back into the opponents's court.

And those who like to surprise and trick the opponent with a cunning slice would not be able to do so with finesse on a wet ball. Most time the ball will get caught in the net. ( By the way, I call this a coward shot).

With all the problems yesterday's game was tiring yet exciting. The friend who chose to nap would surely feel regret when she got my message. Purposely made her feel sore hehe.

Everyone worked hard at the game, cooperating well with their doubles partners, all so focused in trying to execute good shots and less of errors. At times there were bursts of laughter. At times, disputed line calls.

Me, I just enjoy the game. I love playing at the base line hitting cross court or down the line or strike a short and sharp shot to the sideline. Feel the satisfaction of getting the killing shot landed right on the line yeahh! A winner, undisputed.

Sending shots far to the back of the opponent requires good technique and strength and if the ball is wet you got to really whack. And to the one who underrate me I whack harder still huh!

Perhaps, yesterday, it was too much of whacking but less of skill and strategy, hence my aching arm . . .

I think I need to be away from the tennis court for a while to give my arm a rest.

I would go look for my avian friend instead . . .

The silhouette. Can you spot the kingfisher?

Whoever plays tennis will surely agree  that it is a good sport. For ordinary people like me it is not so much about competing though no doubt you want to win when you play. I have been playing since young but I never get bored with this sport.

It is just that playing tennis makes me happy.

"Keep calm and play tennis"

Bye . . .


  1. I never knew the ball could soak up water. The ball itself is quite heavy. But the satisfaction must wins it out. Or else it won't carried on into you dream haha.

    Actually, sleeping on the right side does reduce the pressure on your heart. Since your condition, you will feel the differences more. I hope you'll get better. Stay healthy and keep on seeing the doctors for their professional insight.

  2. We used to refer to our seniors as old balls. That was when we were in college. A married men seeing a young girl who is younger than him is called old balls (not old ball) because his balls are older then her. (her not hers).

    Old balls bounce faster. (Tennis ball)

    Semuga cepat sembuh.