Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sunday Morning Musings


Here I have a few pictures taken on the last Sunday morning.

A beautiful morning is not a time to be missed and not a time to be slaving away in the kitchen, washing sweeping or mopping. All that can wait. The cheery morning can last for just so long as the sun would soon be strong and the heat unbearable. Or may be it could suddenly change to cloudy and then raining hard. So enjoy while the weather is fine.

So there on that fine Sunday morning I walked around and randomly pointing my camera here and there but my mind was still thinking about the yesterday's happenings.

It was a joyous Saturday. But then the joy I felt did not just come from nowhere. It had to be sought. Life would just stand still if you don't make a move. Hence my endurance sitting in the car for more than eight hours(to and fro) of travelling in the same day.

It was a family event.  Greetings and handshakes. Smiles and  hugs. Jokes and laughter and sharing stories. And of course food, food and more food. A time to gather when there is opportunity.

From far and near we went there.

All for the bubbly little fellow.

An alqiqah cum berendoi for him. Welcome little one!

If I had not made my presence there I wouldn't get to feel the warmth and joy of being with them. I would have missed the meeting of brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins and the members of the third generation. And not to forget the besans. We are 'originally' four siblings but now the relatives and in laws had the usually quiet house overfilled . . .

It was fun to mingle, talking aloud and telling family stories that had no ends. Problems were pushed away to the back of your mind. Bring out only the good points and happy tales after all not everyday you are on such a joyful mood . . . but then . . . not everyone was behaving likewise.

I noticed some older members tend to be quiet but wise words poured out when speaking out their minds.

Those in their fifties appeared worrisome and showed concern when picking their food.

Some in their forties seemed never to care and belly laughed their way to a good spread as they were being cautioned. Who cares about diet at a time like this . . .

There were also some serious discussions among the young on challenges in study and work life but there was also sigh of relief of overcoming so much of obstacles and survived to see that all the sacrifices had paid off.

Yes of course it takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice to reach the absolute pinnacle of academic achievement . . .

A role model for the youngsters in the family

And the kids . . . oblivious to worldly problem  . . . the most happy.

And what does the future hold for the bubbly little baby in the handsomely decorated crib?

Ah . . . I  shouldn't lose myself in the rejoice of yesterdays or into thinking about the future of which I have no control . . .

Stay in the present . . .

A bee eater waiting to catch a flying insect

So that was it, picture of a beautiful Sunday morning.

Till next post , bye . . .


  1. Your close relatives, in their fifties segan2 to push the food into their throats brcause oh ... I know the reason but those in their forties seemed never care. This i dont hv the reason.

    1. Most men develope potbelly in their forties so they must watch their diet