Thursday, 18 January 2018


Hi greetings to all,

Today I am at a loss for words or really lacking ideas on what to write. But write I must for how else can I pass this ample time with doing nothing?

I am now cut off from my kampung-like environment staying here for more than a few days. Not that I don't feel at home but if you ask me I would say I prefer to be nearer to nature, a place like my own home.

The only thing natural right here is the Adelia's garden  (picture below) hehehe. I keep forgetting to bring some greens here, a pot of curry leaf plant or the fragrant pandan to put at the balcony which at the moment is void of any decorating plants. We are on the ground floor and our unit is within reach of the big compound but our right is just within the four walls and the little balcony.

The ' garden'

Of course, there is the manicured garden with outdoor chairs and gazebos, the pools, the gym and the children playground, there on the fourth floor for the residents. But as always when I am here I get myself stuck in the house, quite reluctant to go out because of the hassles of security and me quite unfamiliar with the surrounding. Perhaps I have not gotten accustomed to condo living.

This time around I am here for already more than just a day or two, on top of that I remain indoor except on the first day when I went out to visit someone in the hospital, the very reason I came over a few days ago. Now that the little cucu of mine is sick I feel I should stay back to care for her since one parent is working and the other recuperating.

Besides looking to the needs of the little girl, I do a little cooking, reading and most time watching tv which sometimes got me gawking at the box . . . at the lively cartoon . . . It is little wonder why most children how small they are getting glued to the tv and know every cartoon character there is. Our little girl can pick up English from the cartoon programs. She has quite a good vocabulary and, mind you, sometimes her grammar and pronunciation and intonation can put me to shame. She can understand and speaks quite well thanks to those quality programs besides being coached by her mother.

Enjoyed by the young and old (some 😊)

I have also completed reading a novel. Ah not reading every word there is but I did speed reading my way, just to get the gist of the story. The usual stuff the CSI type of story, you can guess the end more or less if you got a detective, I mean, investigative mindset. . .

Read . . . read

Time seems to pass so slow. What do I do if it is not trying to write a blog posting since I have a blog?  Only thing is if you have plenty of time there tend to be emptiness up there, the mind just whirling without any ideas . . .

Ah the kitchen keep calling when you are aimless and idyllic. A refrigerator is a destination whenever you make trips to the kitchen. Lucky, here the owner is not in the habit of hoarding foodstuffs. So I don't have much to look for, safe me from overloading myself. Hmm . . . I am still cautious  . . . watch your diet !!

I'll be patient, in a few days time I would be able to resume my activities. I miss tennis and I know my kakis miss me too heh. And I can't wait to resume my walk/jog. I have to practice for I plan to join another Big Walk.

Already many days I left my plants and garden at home. I know they won't dry up because of the abundance of rainfall. But I hope the plants won't be broken by strong wind. If they are I feel sorry for them. I am nowhere to fix them. No one is there to care.

Sometimes it is wishful thinking that how nice it is if we have many lives. One always near to love ones the other enjoying life with friends, another tending lovingly to plants and flowers and yet another be alone with no one to bother you, all at the same time. Call me mad hah ha  . . . but I guess most people feel the same.

Nice to be alone here in the early morning to appreciate the greatness of nature

Hey I thought I got nothing to say but I have said much although maybe there is not really meaningful to you, just the same I hope you enjoy reading.


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