Wednesday, 10 October 2018

What Are You?

Hi  everyone

My bird watching walkabout is not productive nowadays. There seem to be fewer birds in the vicinity.

The kingfishers or the hawks or the bee-eaters are no more to be seen. The water hens, the orioles, the koels, the punai, barbets and whatnot are also not showing. 

Of course, there are lots of birds flying in groups high above. Everyday. They are quite punctual. In the morning they fly in one direction and in the evening they rush in the opposite direction. Must be going home just like us humans rushing home in the evening. Looks like their highway is above my house. 

Birds that are aplenty here are the sparrows. 

I do not know whether they are house sparrows or tree sparrows. They frequent both places or are they just the same, no distinction between them. Some establish themselves in the nearby tree and some at the edge of the roofs, and this is what I don't like. 

Their chirping in the morning, some people may say will cheer you up to a new day. but really their sound is not really music to the ears especially when you feel you need to continue your sleep. 

Sometimes they bring in all sorts of dried weeds and twigs to build their nest and in the process scatter the rubbish into the house. They quarrel and peck at each other and their feathers drop through the window. You still can tolerate that. But then if they shit . . .😖😖

I hope their population won't increase, scared that if they do they would one day come swooping at me. 

The other day I thought I saw a sparrow. It was more black than brown, different from the sparrows mentioned above. All alone by itself, very small and I thought it was a juvenile may be a robin. I don't know. It made small sounds but anxious and distress like. Was it hurt because there were blood-red spots on the body. On closer look, no, the red thing is its nature. Hey bird, what are you? 

Have a look at the photos.

Red-spotted bird and unripe mulberry fruit 

Hope you like the bird and the photos.

Meet again on next entry.

Bye . . .


  1. Lovely pictures of that lone bird. I'm not sure if it is a robin but quite likely.
    I quite like sparrows' song but not those of pigeons' and crows'..
    Nice post and pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Quite interesting as some white feather seems like poking out like horns around the head.

    1. The feathers also look like dishevelled hair