Thursday, 17 March 2016

#Kingfisher-Blue Swim Wear

Hi all

Looking at the tittle of this entry you might think that I am turning to writing about fashion. No.

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts I really am serious into swimming. It is one form of exercise to keep fit.
It can be a relief for any tiredness or muscle sore resulting from the exhausting game of tennis or whatever. We have to balance the high and low impact of physical activities so as not to over tax and harm the body.

I strongly recommend people to take up swimming for active and healthy living.

 What keeps away most elderly ladies from swimming is the swim wear.

No doubt there are so many choices in the market but those are mostly for perfect figures. Of course there are S, M, L, XL, XXL etc. but still.....we don't fit well.

Like many ladies I fall into the category of short fat and flabby. Sorry.

Buying swimming costume is becoming expensive and difficult because I am quite concerned on the modesty, coverage and comfort. It also should be a little tight and fit snugly.

Most designs are too revealing.
The one-piece jumpsuit style is also a no-no for those with the bulge.....
Some are styled too loose and baggy which is supposed to provide coverage but also making it heavy and cumbersome in the water and out.

Too extreme.

I want something in between.

I used to buy these
The T top (is short)

The 3/4 length pants

The skirt to wear over the pants

Those 3 items can add up to quite a big sum when + with the price of the cap and the goggle ....

Later I found and started buying the cheaper brand and is also quite a suitable style ..

Can't find like this anymore..

This comes with a matching shorts. I usually give away the shorts.

I have to buy a 3/4 length swimming pants to wear with the T. I like this swimming top because it covers where it matters most. I don't have to buy a skirt. So its less costly.

The attire can last for only about 3 to 4 month. Of course you can keep on using it but it won't be that fitting and not hugging to the body anymore.The elasticity wear off faster if I swim in the sea.

Now I cannot find this style anymore,  anywhere. No more stock. No more in  production . That's the answer by the sales girls when inquired.

How I wish they have something like this...

(I should draw a shorter fatter woman... ha ha...)

  • Short sleeve padded Top 
  • Skirted capri
  • Strong material but light weight and chlorine resistant 
  • Color should be blue ...kingfisher blue..ha ha...

Hope I can find something like this in the mean time I have to recycle the old swim wear... how I do it is by getting rid of the padding and wearing it over a bikini top.

I wonder if there are women out there who resonates with me about this problem of finding suitable swim wear.

Ok as usual my entry will be decorated by images of birds.

This time its the #kingfisher photos taken with a new camera. If the picture is not perfect it is not the fault of the camera ....its the operator...

On hot days of the equinox take shelter under this gigantic tree

When will this hot spell ends

Last night it rained ...only lightly..

There is thunder in the distance...

                                      Hmmph....  don't tell me it is just another false alarm....

Have a wonderful active healthy life....


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