Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Lonely #Hawk

Hi everyone

A month or two ago I stated that I was very excited about finding a site where many birds came to call. So whenever I can have time even between cooking breaks I would go bringing the camera to see if there's any bird that I could capture.

Many time I was disappointed. There were some bird calls but they did not show up. May be the days were too hot so they hid under the foliage. Only  one or two birds came to perch on the bare tree. They also  did not stay long enough to be caught on camera.

That time when many types of birds including the colorful #pigeon used to appear the weather was not so hot. May be that's why. They came out to bask on the bare tree after the rain like that colorful punai.

There is another possibility that causes the birds to disappear. Could it be because of this guy.....

Standing there watching
Looks like he (she?) making this bare tree its station to launch  attacks

Shot this early in the morning. There the forlorn figure on the bare tree

Sometimes it stood guard at the communication tower.

On the lookout...

It has been there these few days making the forlorn tweeek tweeek sound most of the time. Only once I saw it went flying low over the area. It looks to me the hawk is like a sick bird.  It perched there most time remaining quiet.

It was being attacked by another bird one evening. Was it another bird of the same kind. I am not really sure.

being attacked

became unstable but not fighting back

Only yelling...

...and crying foul...

If I say it was sick I may be wrong because on another day it appeared aggressive.

Photograph taken on a different day.

Watch your back...

Other birds can get frighten.

I know the photographs I put up this time are not of good quality.

These photos were taken either at very late  evening or early morning. At other time the bird was not to be seen but only could be heard. Now I can recognize its sound.

Also these few days it began to be gloomy may be the dry season is ending soon.

Not enough sunlight with the overcast sky.

Further more the subject was way too far.

Hmmmphh....Come get me....the lonely #Hawk you say...

Till the next time for more bird story.....


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