Tuesday, 29 March 2016

#Bulbul Bird Sings A Song Of Life


Do you remember what life was like when you were very young.


Happy and carefree? Very lucky you.

Singing happy songs?

Sad and deprived? Pity on you.

However as children we observed and formed opinions but of course we keep it to ourselves.

Parents of those time when they wanted to teach their children they uncontrollably went physical. By today's standard it could be considered child abuse...since houses were built on stilts many children jatuh tangga injuring themselves while trying to escape.... Ha haaa..... well at that time it was not funny at all.

And when your time to clean up after playing in the mud you would be scrubbed the primitive way -use the coconut husk.

Such were some of their ways to express parental love.

Sometimes parents took their children along to listen to some preachers who came to the village.

And then at home they repeated the whole thing again and again to remind everybody so that you are on the correct path. Looking back I think we should be saying thanks. No?

I think not everybody's experience the same because we lived in different environments. Some societies, some families  might have been more advanced than others and have different values.

But I think the backward period of the fifties and sixties roughly life was about the same for everybody, especially in rural areas, living in hardship except of course if you were born royal or you inherit some sort of treasure.

Living in a house like this in the fifties could be considered already wealthy

What I could gather is life was so subdued and people were so low keyed. There were no questionings people went about life with heads held low closed eyes and deaf ears but were still conscious and feared they might go about doing things wrong.

The parents were all about feeding their families and always worried about the next meal. Their income were paltry. I don't say they didn't work hard they did.

And part of what little they got they gave up in alms though I think they were the ones who should be receiving because into them were drummed: its a duty to give.

For example a part of their harvest had to be given away though it can hardly last them for that year. Anyway my parents were made to be so obedient and docile. We children made do with less.

Well I said things in a roundabout way but that's the only way I can say.

Our children were lucky. The years the eighties and nineties were better times more modern and more opportunities. And people of my contemporaries are better parents I should say. We are more expressive. We can afford to give our children more than just bread and butter. Our children would not be feeling unloved.

But of course our own parents were good in their own ways.

The children of our children should be having a much better life. Or are they being pampered too much. Whatever I hope they do things the right way the grand kids should not be subjected to too much preaching and taboos in this modern time. Their future should not be compromised.

How our life has come to be, should we bother much...live on and always be positive....and I like an old poetry by Kalidasa and part of it goes like this

" ...For yesterday is but a Dream,
And tomorrow is only a Vision:
But Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of  happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope...."

Fifty years ago the natural environment was not tempered and the beauty at its pristine state. People did not take time to watch and appreciate because there were other subsistence matter to care for their survival.

And sighting a bird even how rare was nothing to shout about.

For us now even a common bird has a place online.....

Listen to the song...

Dear friend ...this is my story..

My friend  I have to tell you this....

This life of mine
That  I... went through...

The time was dark and life was gray
and  I...like the water finding its way ...
Suddenly the day it took a turn
The sun was out and... started to burn...

And the ground was thirsty
and parched through out
...and the water.... sadly lost
 into the drought....

Thank you


Enjoy reading and be happy......


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