Thursday, 3 March 2016

The #Eagles Are Back

Hello again everyone

In my past entry on the White #Pigeon I mentioned about sighting an eagle but it was too far away for my camera.

Well I went there again a few days later.

There was no more construction activity. The park has gone through some transformations.

A bigger car park
New lighting
The jogging track resurfaced.
New concrete seats for joggers to rest.
Further inside are small buildings must be new public toilets and bath for beach goers.

From far I could see the boardwalk that connect the main beach to the little island off the shore. I do not know whether it has been improved or not. Some parts had a long time ago been damaged due to vandalism.

Some trees were felled. Others remain majestically there.

Since the place was reopened for public I have not gone to see all. One of these days I will sure go for a full inspection. On this particular day I could not because now there were signs of some big birds...must not miss it...

The big tree
The tree where there was once an #eagle's nest (aerie) on one of its branches is still there

Back to the tree. . .
So sad what has become of the nest

Aaahhh have to start all over again

Hmmmph frust

Relax . . .relax..

Think agai

Build another nest lah
Yeah keep calm and carry on . . .

Don't know if this bird is the same bird that nested on this same tree about 2 years ago.


Keep on reading...a new post is on the way...

Bye for now....

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