Thursday, 10 March 2016

#Sunbird In The Playground

Hello again

My house is to undergo a small renovation. I intend to get away from the noise and the dust.

Actually it is not really the noise and dust but its because of sentimental me.

 I really sayang the grass and the plants. I have no heart to see what I love being dismantled.

I have a mixed feeling about making the change though there is a good reason for doing so.

The old porch which look dilapidated is to be hacked away. A bigger one will be built and that will cover the whole area in front.

My tiny front garden with its aromatic jasmine and other matured plants will have to go. Those in the pots would be transferred to the area beside the kitchen.

My garden concept...
Natural bush garden

In the front position to welcome arrivals

Sweet- smelling bunga kesidang to deodorize the air. Stronger smell at night...a little spooky,,,

Yellow the color of hope

I have requested the worker to dig up my ornamental palm to be planted at a suitable place . I hope the plant will not reject a new home.

When everything is completed I hope to redo my side garden to accommodate all the plants displaced.

The building materials piled up on the grass

The trees and plants on the side garden are already looking straggly. These will be trimmed and manured. Got to boost them to grow well and make the whole place cool.

Some shrubs are still ok. Those weather resistant ones remain luxuriant and are there to be the playground for birds...

Is this paradise on earth...

Where you live among the flowers

Swinging and playing in nature's cradle

Free to choose and to pick ..

While being surrounded by colors

Who cares if the world goes upside down

At this moment nothing else matters...

When the time comes to let go
of things you hold dear
Hold it in your heart
For the mind to remember

....or take a camera...ha ha

Be happy always.....


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