Tuesday, 22 March 2016

#Waterhen And Other Water Related Matters

Hi hello

The morning was fresh after last night's rain , the first rain after days and days without rain. It is good to exercise to get the system going.

As I approached the pool I saw someone was already in there swimming at the far end. It was the lady I befriend recently. A newbie. Still struggling but confident. The far end of the pool is 10 feet deep.

Two or three months ago she just started to get interested. She worked hard at it. I think she will master the stroke fast since she is quite serious.

Seeing her I remember my struggle in the beginning. It was so very difficult to turn my head to take the breath when doing the free style.Until one day I suddenly managed to do it once and then it became so easy afterwards. That left me wondering if it was this easy why was it so difficult earlier on.

Proper breathing technique is important if not you won't love swimming.

When  brave enough I swam to the deep end and for the first few times I could sense that the pool attendant was apprehensive. I would smile proudly when I reached the wall while trying not to look so breathless. In fact I was wheezing.....yes wheezing!

And it is not so big a pool...

Regular maintenance important

Now I can swim to and fro without much difficulty.

Once I swam in this big pool

Olympic size?

I felt overwhelmed. Although I swam in the sea before but I felt different here. There were many youngsters swimming on the other lanes. They were all practicing hard. I felt really slow. Slower than the snail. I was the only grandma there...ha ha..

But then who cares...just swim...

Be cool keep swimming...

Swimming together can be fun

It is so much fun swimming in the open sea

People enjoying the sun the sand and the sea in some faraway land

Swimming keep them banded and bonded

A place where learning can be fun

A few friends have expressed their desire to take up swimming but they keep procrastinating. I suggested that they find a coach and not to be skeptical about it.

If my new friend and I, old as we are, we can do it there is no reason that they can't. Within months they will be able to swim and keeping fit would be more fun.

Take the challenge!

Wait no more .

Postponing and waiting have little advantage.

But in case of birds you got to wait ha ha

As in this case there were bird calls and sound but they were not showing not until when dusk was about to fall

There it came out from the dense undergrowth

Moving forward slowly

Wonder what it was looking for
it could be for water in this dry season

 But it soon turned back and vanished!

Waterhen.....you are captured and to remain in my picture file.....

Birds in the air
Birds on the ground
And birds in the water?
In the woods and in the trees
With their songs and the sounds
The expanse of delights
Bestowed by nature
For mankind to savour

Be fit to be happy.....

Happy reading...

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