Saturday, 5 March 2016

Something Unusual Something Rare

Hi everyone

More hobbies need more time. If it can avoid us becoming aimless and we find happiness in pursuing them then the time we spend to enjoy is not a waste.

But there are times when hobby has to take a back seat. Since we are not living in isolation and have families and friends we also have to make time for them. If we can share hobbies and be together it is better but sometimes we don't.

People have different likes.

I respect others for what they like to do with their time and I expect  the same treatment towards me.

I won't impose my way on others and I expect others not to force me to follow their way.

Oh don't think that I am in some kind of a dilemma. I am just too old for that.

I am just thinking why people do things in a way detrimental to themselves and the future of their children. Their perspectives are skewed. Maybe they think they are right.

Ah... let it be.

It is better to be occupied with what I like doing than to be thinking about situations which  I have no right to influence.

Actually the above prologue was on my thought while waiting for birds on one of my casual birding.

It was a fine day there were some sparrows and the common bulbul. There were bird sounds in the distance but there was no show.

I was about to give up when suddenly I saw this

Its a big bird with a special hood (crest) on the head

The bird view only from the side it just perched there and seemed to want to fly off

Suddenly it turned to face the camera and I was in haste to focus properly

It was turning away

The back view very aerodynamic..

Off...and away...

A kind of bulbul of the higher hierarchy maybe?

Unusual for this bird to be in the vicinity...

To me it is rare..

Happy reading...


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