Saturday, 30 January 2021

Quiet Days

Life is quiet now. Its MCO again, movement limited to 10 km only.

Its ok with me. It doesn't really affect my daily life.

Stay home . Do gardening. Play my Yamaha keyboard. 

Don't ask about housework. It never can finish.

Ah you can go jogging, but do go alone. Keep your distance.

I prefer other sport but not allowed. I miss tennis.

I have not gone for swimming for so long. Swimming pool is closed.

Once or twice swam in the sea recently.

Thought of going to swim again this Saturday, it will be high tide around 7am. should be cool and nice early morning swim.

But yesterday's morning drive to the beach made me not want to proceed with my plan. Why.

Looking out from the car I only saw quietness. The seascape was dull foggy hazy. The ambience, forlorn, sad. Not a soul was in sight. Don't know why I felt a little scary.

Its different at other times. Even if you are alone there you don't feel it. Would I dare to be in the water when there is no one around. 

Found out later that mandi manda is not allowed. No wonder.

I like to be by the seaside in the morning and when water is high it is so inviting for you to take a dip. Very refreshing to start your day.

Two weeks before the MCO was enforced Adli and sisters came over. Their main focus was the beach. Lucky for them the rain took a breather allowing them to enjoy nature at its best.

Beautiful morning

Stay safe.

Till next post


  1. MCO tapikan Mrs. A tengok macam tak MCO je huhuhuhu...

    1. Relax sikit sekali ni tak macam MCO last March

  2. wahh nice blue sky on the beach., ;p

    1. Jangan miss pemandangan cantik waktu pagi untuk di rakam dlm photo

  3. Nice to be able to get near a beach,stay safe!

    1. Yes good to stay nearby the beach
      Stay healthy

  4. Saya pun tak terkesan dengan MCO ni sebab menang suka dirumah saja. Betkebun dan tanam bunga. Ketja rumah pula memabg tak pernah habiss...😁

    1. Pilih antara kerja rumah dan bertanam berkebun tentu kita pilih berkebun kaan tidak menjemukan :))

  5. Oh so shiok. I love morning swim. The water is surprisingly warm if the day before is hot. Butta I have never really swam in the sea before. Enjoy!