Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year A Clean Start

Hi readers

It is now into the second week of the new year but I have not made any post yet before this. The fact is the article that I am working on that should be the opening post for this year hits a snag in its prep.

So it is better for me to up this short post rather than waiting for the intended one to be completed properly- all for your reading pleasure . . .

Reading pleasure?

Why would I say your reading my blog is good.

It is good because all what I write is simple and easy to digest .

I write in simple language so you don't need any dictionary.

I put forward my idea in such a straight thinking that you don't need to ponder much . . . no double talk . . . may be just a little . . .

If you say it is so shallow then it is good because you don't have to fathom deeper!

If you think what I tell I do is not appropriate you are not compelled to follow.

The subject I write about won't get you agitated like if you read the many political blogs on the net. You get annoyed for nothing.

You are also not getting bombarded by the ads on all those products that you may never need.

You may be some sixty year olds and may feel lonely among the young people and you feel too old for anything. Here my blog will  make you feel otherwise.

Or you may be someone young reading my blog tell your grandma to be up and about and not terperap in the house feeling that the end of the world is nigh . . .

So there I try to make you feel better after reading this blog.

Let us journey on into this new year with clear minds . . .

Shake off all the doubts . . . .learn from the bird . . .

Cleaning for the new year

My new year resolution is to resolve last year's.

Hope you have resolved yours :-)

Bye . . .


  1. I think your blog is very interesting. As I always say, you are not write the article but you write an essay. Essay is more quality from article. For other people that face English problem like me, read your blog is very useful to improve our English. I hope you can continue write forever. A writer never stop writing.

    1. Thank you for words of encouragement.
      I am passionate about writing but my English is not perfect.
      I am learning as I write. We all should.

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