Saturday, 28 January 2017


Hi everybody

Happy Chinese New Year and happy celebrations and happy holidays.

I am sure many are busy entertaining and many are happily being entertained.

I am doing none of that. Am staying at home taking a role of care giver, it is more like a care taker. A little sacrifice I am doing to relief someone who has been undertaking the responsibility all this while.

 I have all the time to pursue my interest,  yaa like reading and writing after I am done with all the chores. If I could manage juggling work and home in my younger years this is just nothing in comparison though in the beginning I argued with myself and have thoughts that the people are not being fair to me. I was in the selfish mode. Now that I have come to terms with myself I feel the  peace.

I click on my last blog entry. I read it again. The two pictures in there of the children romping the ground had me reminiscing the old days . . .


I am here on the hill slope
Having a panoramic scope
My eyes scan the seascape like a telescope

People dot the beach
They have come from many places
They come to search
For fun and possibly peace

I see people having fun swimming
Their heads pop popping
With the tide merrily coming
And against the waves heavily beating
Caused by the unscrupulous boating
Against all warnings
Am so afraid that danger is lurking

Come afternoon the tide begins to ebb
The children hungry and tired
Those sitting demurely on the mat
Had all the provisions prepared

Now the water is low
The seabed begins to show
Lots of shells and crab holes
A fascination for children, they're in awe
Perhaps the adults are not interested
Keep calling the children back
And to pack

Inquisitive minds
And probing little hands in the sand
Father mother sometimes don't understand
The young ones dragged onland
Thus the picnic an unhappy end

As the night fast approaching
The crimson light in the horizon is fading
The sun is swallowed and gone
Leaving the seascape forlorn . . .

Be happy . . .

Bye . . .

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