Thursday, 2 February 2017

True Colours

Hi everyone

These few days there were lots of cackling (?) sound in the vicinity. I was curious to see the kind of birds flying high and making noise. I have not heard anything like this or may be they were there but I never was aware of their existence or never have I any interest in them before.

I realised there were a number of these birds flying high up and making short rough and gritty sounds. Probably its now their mating season that is why they come out in numbers. There must be some kind of a competition among them in attracting the best of suitors hence all the noise.

Patient. Patient. That is what you need in bird watching. Ready with your camera or your binoculars.

There . . . one came down low and landed on the lamp post. Against the very bright light it was just one dark figure. The colour of the feathers do not show well because the near side is in the shadow I could not get a better position.

The same bird in close up and in different angles. It looks fierce.

The picture below was taken later in the day. Was it the same bird. You ask? Hey no I won't know male or female they all look the same to my eyes. 

From far they show their true colours. Quite a beautiful  bird. So this was the same kind of bird I spotted before but then there was only one bird and it was very quiet. Never knew it can sound so loud. 

The dollar bird - burung tiong batu (?)

That's in the bird world, when the right amount of light falls on and reflected by the feather we see the true colours. So we learn about the bird's true colours if we are patient enough to wait for the right time.

In our world how to know a person's true colours, of course in the different sense of the words.

In good times it is hard to see peoples' true colours. Right?

People will reveal their true colours in the worst of your  time. When you are no more of help to them in other words when you are no more beneficial to them then only you will find out their true colours. Their ugly side will show, hypocrisy will surface.

Well thats how it is. What to do . . .

So friends, wise up.

Till the next entry, bye . . .

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