Thursday, 9 February 2017

Old Fashioned

Dear readers

Most women are fashion concious because they want to look good. Some say they don't care though they say it not wholeheartedly.

Actually there's nothing wrong in wanting to look good.

Me? Ya like everybody else but I know I am old no more fashion-concious and not desperately trying to make myself look good or look pious. I only want to be comfortable. I don't like the hassles of dressing up and don't like to over wrapped myself.

Anyway why should I bother at all. I am comfortable with myself with the wrinkles and all. If I dress up prim and proper to today's standard someone will say eh this woman buang tabiat ke because I am most time in the worst of dressing, a T-shirt with a sarong or a T-shirt with ankle length easy sports/workout pants. Cool and comfortable in our hot and humid climate.

Now it looks like society dictates directly or indirectly on how a woman should dress. Sometimes women are condemned for not conforming and they who condemn never know why a woman is defiant. There must be reasons. Why should she be talked down to. Woman is most time being under pressure and stress for being made to take up  loads of reponsibilities,  She needs space and doesn't want anybody to put more control on her even over some small matter such as dressing. What is important is decency surely a well-balanced woman knows that.

At the time when I was a young woman the situation was more relaxed. More relaxed does not mean women simply dress without considering respect for society. We went about our lives without being so self concious. If the girls ever got wolf whistles they just waved sportingly and it ended just there and nothing more or they just ignored.

Girls are girls in whichever era they live they are fashion conscious though their styles may differ and look wierd to those of different era. As for me in my younger days a big portion of my salary went to buying fabrics and tailoring, shoes handbags skin care items and hairstyles, the common stuffs. If ever I could live all over again I think I would do just the same. No regrets because that is normal for any young woman. And now  in our senior years if we are fashion-concious it is in our own old fashioned way.

In our time we did not fuss over how to wrap and wear the veils but we were more concerned of dress patterns and fabric design. Floral or checkered or stripes. From the  old pictures  I can see that people liked stripes. Well something like vertical stripes for the short the fat and the plump. Horizontal stripes for the tall thin lean and wiry ha haa. Arrange the stripes to give the best illusion. But someone will say this type of fabric design is fit for pyjamas only ha ha.

Popular stripes

Vertical stripes to make one looks taller

Horizontal stripes suitable for the slender people 

Everywhere stripes

(Blurry pictures intentionally put up) he he he.

Lucky are those who can wear any design floral chevron checks whatever . . ,


How about the design pattern on this pipit

Scally breasted munia

Munias usually appear in group

There are lots of ideas you can get from nature. More than just the old fashioned stripes.

Be happy,

bye . . .


  1. Ada burung pipit yg suka makan padi di pokok. Now tak nampak as pokok padi dah ghaib. Our kampung people called them pipit uban. I think u know that.

  2. The white headed munia has disappeared together with the sawah padi.