Friday, 24 February 2017

Restraint And Relief


Now back to my old laptop after few days of being extra busy.

This laptop its battery is dying. I have not replaced it. So it is permenantly plugged on to an outlet. Am using it like a desktop.That means I am stuck at this corner. Not too bad 'coz I am facing the window.

Also when I turned it on sometimes Windows refuses to boot. I got freak out at the black screen and later by the error messages that came up. I am no computer savvy so you can imagine me clicking nervously to find ways to make the whole thing work again for me.

Somehow it works.

And so now I am happily typing.

For the last three weeks or so I had an elderly person staying with me. You must know one old person taking charge of a much older person is quite challenging. More so when feelings in your heart and words on your mind could not be spoken out. You cannot just speak like talking back to your tennis partner when your are being wronged for losing a point.

I needed to be patient and compromising because I am the younger one (he he he) if not I would be considered disrespectful. Many times your trying to assist her to do certain task was misunderstood for being too dominating and you would see her kind of merajuk. My reaction? Laugh it off and not be weary about it.

An old person in a quiet way can be very demanding. They command you without being loud. You must know her likes and dislikes and you must do things accordingly. They wouldn't listen to you they won't want to change their ways. In your impatient heart you mumble . . . stubborn . . . oh excuse me I am just a human being . . .

So you have to be patient.You have to give way. A lot of bersabar.

You cannot complain because when you become old like them you will behave the same way.

Its forgivable to be cranky when we are old. So is the crankiness of my old laptop.

For many days I stopped  my hobby activities. Of course nobody stops me from going out but I just couldn't. My responsibilities, and worries would be on my mind. So it was better for me to stay home and be a good companion to the person under my care and in between do things like reading blogs or read back on my previous blog posts.

Pictures found in my past blog posts . . .

This pic posted in Birds like and dislikes

Pic posted in Don't want to be a stereotype

Posted in " Back To Normal"

Found in "Something Unusual Something Rare"

This is from "Mulberry Tree For Birds To Stop By"

This picture was taken through the car windscreen posted in much earlier entry

The Brahminy Kite 
The last picture is of the bird that first kindle my interest in bird watching.

There are more bird pictures have a look at my previous posts. The pictures some are ok some are not. Birds, they don't wait for you. "Catch" them in whatever situation and in whatever pose as they don't listen to instructions.

Happy reading . . .

Bye . . .

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