Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Weather The Man And The Birds

Hello everyone nice to meet again

Lets start our conversation, talk about the weather.

Yes the weather, it is changing now, so?

Its back to hot.

The rain is less frequent except for a brief shower early this morning. The ground was still wet. The floor too slippery for me to exercise .  But then washing and scrubing is good exercise too.

I decided to wash the floor under the porch and the surrounding, it was still wet anyway. This floor get washed and swept only when it rains. I did not have to mop. Sat back and relaxed now that the sun was becoming stronger. It would dry the floor in no time.

By afternoon the heat was intense. Not a breath of wind and it was quiet. Not even a bird sound. Everybody including the birds must have gone indoor.  All could not stand the heat . . .(?)

You don't feel like doing anything. When you move you will be sweating profusely like in a suana. Not viable to do anything when your body is steaming.

So keep still cool yourself.

You would prefer to sit quietly under the fan which was spinning madly. It would do its job alright . . lull me, soothe me.

On a hot and humid afternoon like this what is best to do.

A siesta ! In an air conditioned room.

I wonder how in the past we, me and my teammates could be hitting tennis balls in the court under the blazing sun like this. You could feel the heat from up. And from below it was coming up in waves as the surface got heated and as you run and jump and slapping the balls. The perspiration got you soaked. Sweat would flow down your spine to your ah . .a. . a. . . how else can I say, the heat was terrible.

Were we mad? No. May be a little . . .

It was a training for the ministry tournament. Something big and important. So we trained for a number of days. We could have chosen the earlier hours but the men were not concerned. The men liked to linger. On the way to the training venue we had to stop for them to have breakfast. After breakfast they had cigarretes which took some more time to burn.

Yet they said take five . . .

The delay caused us to start late. In hot weather by about nine o'clock our sun would be mercilessly grinning already.

Usually the women have little say. The man always hold the key.

Now looking back I think we lack discipline.

That was why we lost more than we won. Hmm.

Playing tennis under the blazing sun is comparable to working in the padi field during harvest. I have experience in both so I qualify to say.

One is you do out of passion. To some people it is tak ada kerja cari kerja. Foolish they say.

The other is people do it because of survival.

Ah . . . whatever . . .

What did I get for that much effort under the scorching sun?

Money glory promotion ? None. I didn't mind. May be pride. Just a little, a boost to my self esteem when I won my game or when I did not lose badly . . .heheh.

The sunburn ? My brown face became more brown for sure. It took quite a long time to fade. Some part of the face became hyper pigmented before its time.Of course I was self conscious since friends keep commenting on my blemished skin.

That's what I got.

Blemished skin is one thing but all should be aware of the danger of the harmful ultra violet so say the doctor, avoid the sun.

Women, young and old are so concerned of wanting nice undamaged skin. So do my tennis gang ladies. We would go early to fight for the shaded court. Early means 5.30 pm - about. When they arrive late they would rather wait and forgo their turn to play to avoid playing in the other courts which are not shaded.

Just to tell you the shade is not a roof over the court. It is just an old big tree, ha ha.

The old big tree

In this kind of weather we wish for the rain. Just few weeks back we wished for sunshine.

We humans are so demanding.

Some are so uncaring. On this hot day some are burning and poluting the air.

Some are unconcerned cutting and clearing the trees and vegetation where birds can find protection from rain and heat.

Here the picture the of birds gathering. They were not singing. I believe they went  berserk over something.

Someone has started to clear the area

They come to gather

Perhaps to inspect and to assess the damage

They must be discussing what to do next(?)

"Have you any other suggestions . . ."

Watch them. We can be more understanding and insightful.

Stay cool . . .

Bye . . .


  1. I am agree with you. Now weather is very hot. I prefer to make more activity in the house compared to outdoor because the hot weather.

  2. "The perspiration got you soaked. Sweat would flow down your spine to your ah . .a. . a. . ."

    What is the meaning the sabove word, if it is a word: ah ..a.. a. . .

    Saya macam faham tapi bimbang silap.

  3. "The perspiration got you soaked. Sweat would flow down your spine to your ah . .a. . a. . ."

    What is the meaning the sabove word, if it is a word: ah ..a.. a. . .

    Saya macam faham tapi bimbang silap.

    1. have i told you that the swim .. is in my bloglist?

    2. Happy getting into your bloglist. Thanks. Appreciate it.