Friday, 20 January 2017

Punai Comes To Color Your World

 Hi everyone

We do not want our life to be like a pendulum which keeps on swinging back and forth and can be boring.

We are most time in a quest for something we ourselves are not sure of.

Think about it. When to you life is being kind you have everything that would make others envy you are still not satisfied yet. What is it that we want when we have water more than we can drink. When you have food but you are not hungry.

You said you are not looking for greener pastures because you are quite ok with the nurtured green under your feet.

Then what?

Or may be you are looking for the second the rainbow. You would like to have more colours.

You want ROYGBIV . . VIBGYOR . . .

You are asking for too much.

The colours would soon fade. They are just illusions.

They will disappear when the rain is over and the sun is high and harsh.

Why are we always struggling for and wanting the elusive . . .

Come back to reality!

Wonder why am I in a brooding mood and being pensive.

Perhaps yesterday's three sets of very long and dragging games left me weary.

Yesterday was a temporary goodbye .

Two of the kakis, the husband and wife are going off for a holiday cruise around the island in the Indian ocean perhaps to be there in the vast span of blue water in their seeking for connection with the universe.

The others will be busy. CNY is around the corner. A time for them to renew connection with family members from far and near. Outsiders are not a concern.


You will be left alone. Hmm.


Family brings more meaning to your life . . .

#Punai the pigeon

Life has no meaning if we ourselves don't give meaning to life itself.



  1. Saya memang suka punai. Punai suka makan buah kayu ara.

  2. burung punai memang cantik...baru ini hiking ke taman negara penang...banyak burung punai tengah makan...macam dalam gambar ni...

    cantik gambar