Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Lake Birds

Hi friends

As promised this entry will feature photographs taken at the lake, the site where I went for my morning walk.

Actually I started a little late. My trail today was shorter as I took the shortcut . I had to because my feet still felt a little sore from yesterday's walk. I should take a rest but I was very interested to photograph the birds. And from the time I started I knew it would be hot day.

Yes my prediction was right. At nine something the sun was quite strong. The effect of bright day light causes harsh shadows it wouldn't be good on my photos.

There was a hive of activity on the small island. From far you can see patches of white on the dense canopy. They were birds perched on the tree top and among the branches.Some were wading in the shallow water around and underneath the trees. Some were swimming.

The water was clear as you can see from the reflections.

The island is quite far out so not much details can be caught in the photo unless you have sophisticated photographic gear. The too bright day light also was of no help at all.

While concentrating on the birds my camera caught something approaching. I thought it was a snake but when it changed direction it looked like a small croccodile or was it a phyton. Oh no! May be just a memerang (otter? beaver? )

Ah this. It can be found anywhere, on the road in the water and in your compound! Guess what.

Back to birds . . .flaminggos herons of different kinds and others . . . don't really can identify them unless the very obvious . . . leave it to the expert.

Peaceful surrounding 

The sanctuary

The lake birds living in harmony

I hope you like the photos.

Today is the last day of 2016 . I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Bye . . .

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