Friday, 30 December 2016

The Walk

Hi everyone

Sometimes we need to be away . Got to get away. We need to have a change of air. Need to move away from the humdrum. Snap out of it!

So I go somewhere. Here I come to the place of my retreat. Wanted to make a few days different from the everyday. And here I am writing about it with the aircon humming quietly.

So today I did something mad. I did a marathon.

I walked for a distance of more than 13 kilometres. My MI band tracked  22728 steps i.e equivalent to 13.8 kilometres. I started out at 7.32 am and reach back home at 12.35 in the afternoon.

I made short stops to rest my legs and a rest long enough to finish a small  bowl of  a fancy named ice kacang- tropical paradise hah.

The MI recorded 507 calories burnt . Never mind the ice kacang then.

 Don't you think it was quite a feat? I was not really tired for the most part of the trail but towards the end as I trudged on my legs were giving signal.

And in the house later going upstairs was a challenge.

My trail

Thanks Google for the map. The line dark blue and red is my trail.

So there is it.

I enjoyed walking along the lake. Today I have not taken any photograph. The nature around here is quite nice with big birds flying around and playing in the island  islet. I did not bring my zoom camera as I did not expect to walk that far to reach the lake.

Tomorrow I shall go again with my camere direct to the place. Will take the shortest route as now I have got my sense of direction. Hope no rain tomorrow.

See if I can get some nice pictures for my next entry.

So stay tuned.

Bye for now.

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