Saturday, 23 September 2017

The Quiet Saturday

Hello friends

For most people Saturday is a busy happy day. It is a day in the weekend when meetings, family get- together and organizing games and recreations take place and not to mention the Saturday night parties and  good time for the socialites.

In my working era I most welcome the Saturdays. A day that I could be away from the madhouse. The weekend was therefore a relief giving me a chance to focus on my home and family. Being low salaried I could not have go-travel-holiday Saturdays like those rich people. Apart from clearing the backlog of the household chores most of my time would be spent playing with my two children.

Once upon a time . . .
Now I need not worry, the pressure of work is already a thing of the past. Though I have all days to myself I still wait for Saturdays to come.

If I plan to visit my already grown up children, that will be on a Saturday. If I my children were to visit me I know they will arrive here on the 6th day of the week.

Then there is the wedding invitations . . .  ah again, on  Saturdays.

Our tennis monthly tournament is on the first Saturday of each month.

And the coming up fun run they are organizing also falls on a Saturday night.

Also on  Saturday too friends come to visit.

Once a Saturday . . .
This week our weekend start early. The children came home on Friday an extra work free day due to the Awal Muharram which is a public holiday. The hive of activities started on Friday night and I planned to take one of the girls for a swim on Saturday morning, i.e this morning as she demanded requested it.

But today, Saturday, the morning was gloomy with intermittent rain. It is difficult to make decision to go or not to go while here was a girl so eager to show me the proof that the swimming attire that I bought for her was well worth it, that she is real and serious about swimming.

While she was in the mood I better not disappoint her. We swam cautiously under the gloomy sky and light rain. But soon there was a sound of thunder in the distance. We had to stop. Anyway she was able to prove to me with  that few short laps.

(On the way home I kept thinking about my early girlhood days. I used to follow my mother and sometimes my grandma to pick kangkung di sawah bendang )

The lovable gerombolan  left after lunch. They have to go back early because of an invitation to a Saturday night function.

 Its quiet now. A quiet Saturday afternoon.

Unusually quiet oriole - no calls

Contacted a friend for tennis. Its Saturday, the weekend children are back, sorry . . .

The tennis court is quiet today, no one is playing there. There is an away friendly game, a return game in the city. Every one wants the opportunity to play in some posh club. Others may have their own arrangements.

It is such a happening day, you know. What else can there be.

What a slowish internet I am having now . . . arrrggghhh . . .

Stay cool . . .

Bye . . .


  1. Childhood dulu dan sekarang memang dah berbeza banyak. i wish my retirement pun cepat sampai so I boleh explore the nature ..hehe

    1. Retirement is a time when you can have new adventures . . .

  2. Saturday sekarang hari bizi untuk saya sebab jemputan kawin sentiasa ada. Kadang2 sampai 4 jemputan. Dari perlis hingga jb. Bulan puasa je yg tak ada.

    U ada tennis tournment every month. Hebat tu.

    1. Empat jemputan tu tak termasuk bulan raya, rumah terbuka.

    2. You don't have to join every time but win or lose you get free dinner hehe.

    3. Dari Perlis hingga ke JB macam boleh buat cross country.